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They made the headlines!! (since december, 2021).

March 2024, , ''Kid Ory and his Creole Jazz Band, Paris, december 5, 1956.'' (CEMJazz collections)

Kid Ory and his Creole Jazz Band, Paris, december 5, 1956.

Kid Ory and his Creole Jazz Band, Paris, 1956

This photograph appears in the program of Kid Ory's concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris on December 5, 1956 — a 12-page booklet. That day, after the concert, this program was signed by several musicians of the orchestra: Philip Gomez, Minor 'Ram' Hall, Alvin Alcorn, Cedric Haywood.

CEMJazz call number: jpd-prog-crt-1-1

January 2024, ''Maurice de La Harpe RECORDS'' label (CEMJazz collections)

Four 78rpm, 10“ shellacs from the label founded by Maurice de La Harpe, alias Maurice Jospin, alias Mowgli Jospin… Those records were available only by subscription and produced… in only 50 copies. These eight sides recorded in March 1947, feature Claude Luter's Orchestra (with Mowgli Jospin!).

Maurice de La Harpe RECORDS

No 3/6: Perdido Street Blues/High Society.
No 4/9: Willie The Weeper/Muskrat Ramble.
No 5/7: West End Blues/Tiger Rag.
No 8/10: Weary Way Blues/Black Bottom Stomp.

CEMJazz call number: jpd-78t-spe-1-3 to 6

November 2023, PARLOPHONE, ''Rhythm Style Record Series'' (CEMJazz collections)

Small advertising catalogue – 5” X 7“, 16 pages – extolling the merits of PARLOPHONE Rhythm Style Record Series shellacs, UK, 1930s.

PARLOPHONE, "Rhythm Style Record Series"

CEMJazz call number: obr-pub-mus-1-15.

September 2023, Honeysuckle Rose (CEMJazz collections)

The CEMJazz keeps many original scores for Jazz orchestras like this handwritten arrangement by Paul Vernon for Octet+Vocal (vcl, tp/bug, tb, ts, bar, p, g, b, dms) on Honeysuckle Rose.

Honeysuckle Rose, trumpet or bugle

CEMJazz call number: pve-puni-man-2-1.

July 2023, Duke Ellington in 1950, ask for the program! (CEMJazz Collections)

Concert at the Palais de Chaillot, Paris 1950. 8-page booklet with hardcover, covered with crystal paper. Introduction by Jules Borkon, several photographs inside, presentation of Duke Ellington and his orchestra, concert program (in two parts) and list of musicians.

Duke Ellington Program, circa 1950

Les Productions Parisiennes 'Arts et Spectacles', 33 Av. des Champs-Elysées, Paris. Printing J. ADOR, Paris. No date appears on this document, but it is indeed the orchestra's European tour in 1950.

CEMJazz call number: obr-prog-crt-1-3.

May 2023, EDISON ''DIAMOND Records'' (CEMJazz Collections)

Released between 1910 and 1929 under the labels EDISON, EDISON RECORD or EDISON Re-Creation, these vertical-cut 80 rpm records had to be played with a special device, made by Edison of course and equipped with a diamond. To ensure perfect flatness, the 10 inch discs were a quarter inch thick, they weighed about one pound.

The one below, recorded in New-York on february 5, 1923, is a hundred years old. On the “echo of the month” you can listen to side “L”: Long Lost Mamma (Daddy Misses You) by The Jazz-O-Harmonists, an orchestra formed by Louis Katzman which included Phil Napoleon (trumpet) and Miff Mole (trombone). The “R” side features the Broadway Dance Orchestra playing “Blue Hossier Blues”.

Edison Record 51165-L

CEMJazz call number: obr-edi-25cm-5-6.

Mach 2023, ''Paul Deslaurier musical instrument factory'' (CEMJazz Collections)

The “Paul Deslaurier” factory, located in Paris, offered musical instruments for Military band, Fanfare, Harmony, Orchestra and… Jazz. Its advertising cards from the 1940s (?) included small figurines to be cut out… and put in situation, like this trumpet player “L'As du Piston”!

Paul Delaurier musical instrument factory

CEMJazz call number: irk-pub-inst-1-1.

January 2023, ''Jazz News'' Magazine (CEMJazz Collections)

The first issue of “Jazz News” magazine, founded by Eddie Barclay, is dated Christmas 1948. From issue 3, Boris Vian cooked up some articles and chronicles “of his own”; he will become editor-in-chief from number 8. Alas for readers (from past, present and future…) the adventure will stop at the 11th issue dated June 1950! On the INA website (in french), you can also listen to the testimonials from Eddie Barclay and Boris Vian in 1959 on “Jazz News” Magazine.

"Jazz News" Magazine

CEMJazz call numbers: cmj-rv-71-1-1 and 9.

November 2022, ''Claude Luter and his asses shakers'' in 1946 (CEMJazz collections)

A “homemade” 78rpm 10” vinyl at the time of the birth of Claude Luter's orchestra, don't worry the “Revolutionnary Blues No 1” is on the other side.

Revolutionnary Blues No 2

Claude Luter (clarinet)
Jean-François Quiévreux (clarinet)
Pierre Merlin (cornet)
Mowgli Jospin (piano)
Michel Pacout (drums)

CEMJazz call number: jpd-78t-deco-1-1.

September 2022, Swing SW 1a: Honeysuckle Rose (CEMJazz Collections)

The Swing label, dedicated to Jazz, was created by Charles Delaunay and Hugues Panassié. The first original recording made by Coleman Hawkins & his all-star “Jam” band gave birth to disc SW 1 released in april 1937. On the SW 1 side b: Crazy Rhythm.

Swing 1, 1937

Here we listen to Coleman Hawkins & Alix Combell (sic): tenor sax, Bennie Carter & André Ekyan: alto sax, Stéphane Grappelly (sic): piano, Django Reinhardt: guitare, d'Hellemes: bass and Tommy Benford: drums.

CEMJazz call number: mpf-78t-25cm-swing1-1.

July 2022: a record worth beeing seen! V-Disc 78rpm, 12'', No 248 A, USA, 1944 (CEMJazz Collections)

V-Disc No 320B

The Victory Discs or V-Discs were recorded and published by the Special Service Division, War Department of the United States between 1943 and 1948. These 12“ (30cm) 78rpm records were intended for U.S. military personnel. The CEMJazz collections are rich with several hundred of these Vdiscs… which should have been destroyed in 1949! (indexing in progress, label U.S. Gov. V-Disc).

On this one, we can listen to Billie Holiday along with Louis Amstrong, Roy Elridge, Coleman Hawkins, Barney Bigard, Jack Teagarden, Art Tatum, Sidney Catlett, Al Casey and Oscar Pettiford; what more could we want!

CEMJazz call number: obr-78t-30cm-vdisc3-9.

Jazz Quizz (May 2022 but still relevant). Do you recognize these musicians???

Those pictures are not very good, we're in Paris in the early 70s… Do you know or recognize these musicians? send us a mail



Featured Poster (Mars 2022) circa 1948-1949 (CEMJazz Collections)

Jacques Dieval et ses Solistes

Featured score in january 2022: Fox-trot or Shimmy? (CEMJazz collection)


CEMJazz call number: obr-puni-imp-1-10.

April 2024, , ''SWING, texts and poems by Gaston Criel, 1948'' (CEMJazz collections)

SWING, by Gaston Criel, first edition, 1948.

"Swing" by Gaston Criel, 1948

Gaston Criel was a great jazz fan. In this book, introduced by Jean Cocteau and Charles Delaunay, Criel, through texts and poems, celebrates “swing” and “hot” in terms that are no less hot! The presentation booklet shows the author in the company of Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie. A book to be (re)discovered as a matter of urgency!

CEMJazz call number: cmj-liv-litt-poe1-1

February 2024, ''Jazz Reviewed'' and ''Jazz Advertised'' (CEMJazz collections)

Jazz Reviewed (vol 1-1) and Jazz Advertised (vols 1 to 7) , by Franz Hoffmann

Franz Hoffmann Collection

3200 pages of Jazz images and ads.

  • Jazz Reviewed (vol 1-1): press clips and music reviews from New England newspapers (New York Age, New York Amsterdam News, Pittsburgh Courier, Baltimore Afro-American, Chicago Defender, New York Times), 1910-1950.
  • Jazz Advertised (Vol 1 à 3): advertisements and pictures out of newspapers of New England (New York Age, New York Amsterdam News, Baltimore Afro-American, Pittsburgh Courier, Village Voice (New York)), 1910-1967.
  • Jazz Advertised (Vol 4 à 6): advertisements and pictures out of the Chicago Defender, 1910-1977.
  • Jazz Advertised (Vol 7): advertisements and pictures out of the New York Times, 1922-1949.

CEMJazz call number: cmj-liv-jazz-doc1-3 to 10

December 2023, ''78 Quarterly'', Vol 1 No 4 (CEMJazz collections)

The 78 Quarterly magazine is aimed at fans of Jazz, especially Blues and even more 78s. 12 issues only were published between 1967 and… 2005. This one, No. 4 issued in 1989, includes 96 pages with numerous photographs and illustrations in black and white and this drawing by R. Crumb on the front cover (USA, 1989).

78 Quarterly, Vol 1 No 4

CEMJazz call number: cmj-rev-111-1-4

October 2023, Kid Ory And His Creole Jazz Band. Four shellac 10'' 78rpm Album, Columbia C-126 (CEMJazz collections).

This four shellac 10” 78rpm Album, Columbia C-126 “New Orleans Jazz”, was released in 1947 in the USA. The cover artwork is by Jim Flora. The eight tracks were recorded in Los Angeles on December 12 and 21, 1946.

Kid Ory And His Creole Jazz Band

Bucket Got A Hole In It / Tiger Rag – Eh, La Bas / Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho – Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home / Creole Bo Bo – The World's Jazz Crazy, Lawdy So Am I / Farewell To Storyville.

CEMJazz call number: mpf-78t-25cm-cfa1-1 to cfa1-4.

August 2023, a Jazz comic book for the summer (CEMJazz collections)

Les Gros Raouls, “Le dernier Gala”. In 1984, this comic strip shows without any censorship the underside of French New Orleans Jazz!!

Les Gros Raouls, "Le dernier Gala", 1984

Signed “Raoul et Maréchal” and printed by Malécot in Pontorson on June 1, 1984, this comic has been printed in 500 copies.

CEMJazz call number: obr-liv-bd-1-1, Copy No 380.

June 2023, EDISON ''AMERICA'' No 5, June 1947 (CEMJazz Collections)

The artistic and literary review “AMERICA Cahiers France-Amérique-Latinité”, directed by Pierre Seghers and edited by the intercontinentale du livre, was founded in 1945 and only five issues were printed. The last one, dated from June 1947 and […] presented by AMERICA and the Hot-Club de France […], was entitled “Jazz 1947”.

Robert Goffin and Charles Delaunay were the chief editors of this issue and…they were in good company as we can see above… Besides, not all the contributors are mentioned since we find, for example, Hergé, whose name appears throughout the pages!

AMERICA June 1947

Jazz 47 focuses on the history and aesthetics of Jazz, a fascinating dossier to read, of course, “with the eyes of the era”…

CEMJazz call numbers: cmj-rv-86-1-5.

April 2023, ''The Complete Jazz at the Philarmonic on Verve 1944-1949'' (CEMJazz Collections)

Published in 1998, this superb 10 CDs wooden box set (US version) including a booklet, brings together all the Verve recordings from 1944 to 1949 for the famous concert series “Jazz at the Philharmonic” produced by Norman Granz.

The Complete Jazz at the Philarmonic

CEMJazz call numbers: mpf-disc-cd-cp1 to 10.

February 2023, ''Jazz Society'' Label (CEMJazz Collections)

The “Jazz Society” label, founded in Paris at the end of the 40s, offered rare American recordings on 78rpm records (limited edition of 350 copies available for subscription, cf Jérôme Moncada Label Gallery Française). Between 1952 and 1955, fifteen 33rpm 10“ LPs, numbered LP-1 to LP-15, were also produced, again with reissues and for some of them the superb design below. They were also limited editions apparently of 100 copies (see Wirz' American Music). Unfortunately, in Paris, the adventure ended there. But the “Jazz Society” case was not over for all that, the label was taken over in Stockholm by the Swedish Carl Hällström. Among other productions and some 10 years later he continued by 1966 the series of “LPs”: LP -16, … until at least LP-21 (or 24?). Those LP-xx were also 33rpm 10” with the same covers (see also Discogs). Below is the (french) LP-15 “Jimmie Noone and his Orchestra”.

"Jazz Society" Label

CEMJazz call number: jpd-33t-25cm-al3-15.

December 2022, The ''Nat Brusiloff Novelty Jazz Band'' (CEMJazz Collections)

The Nat Brusiloff Novelty Jazz Band of the early 1930's, featuring Tony Parenti on clarinet.

The Nat Brusiloff Novelty Jazz Band (early 1930's)

Licence CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 InternationalCC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 InternationalCC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 InternationalCC Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International CEMJazz call number: obr-docp-phot-3-17r.

Octobre 2022: the beautiful covers of 'La vie qui chante' magazine in 1934 (CEMJazz collections)

La vie qui chante, this magazine started in 1933. It published articles on musical life and especially music sheets of “fashionable” songs.

Not always very “Jazz”, of course, but over the pages, we come across a few scores of boston waltzes or fox-trot.

"La vie qui chante", 1934

And then, last but not least, in some articles we also meet Ray Ventura or Michel Warlop…

in "La vie qui chante", 1934

CEMJazz call numbers: cmj-rv-56-1-1 to 6.

August 2022: records for the summer: Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans Rhythm Kings in 1945 - Jazz Nocturne (CEMJazz Collections)

A set of 12 33rpm 30cm records (FCJ 001 to FCJ 012) released in 1982 by the “Fat Cat's Jazz” label (USA). These records tracks are radio broadcasts of interviews and off the air recordings made by 1945 in radio studios in Boston (WCOP) and New York or at the Savoy Club in Boston.

Jazz Nocturne! Click to enlarge the picture Vol 1. Oh, Didn't They Ramble
Vol 2. A Team Of Genius
Vol 3. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
Vol 4. Yellow Dog Blues
Vol 5. Sidney And Johnny's Blues
Vol 6. My Blue Heaven
Vol 7. Easy Rider
Vol 8. Never No Lament
Vol 9. High Society
Vol 10. Royal Garden Blues
Vol 11. Struttin' With Some Barbecue
Vol 12. Blues In The Air

CEMJazz call numbers: jpd-33t-30cm-fcat1-1 to fcat1-12.

A piece of music that's worth beeing played! June 2022 (CEMJazz collections).

Old Man Jazz

CEMJazz call number: obr-puni-imp-1-2.

Featured Poster (April 2022): Concert at Orsay in 1985 (CEMJazz collections). Listen to the sound of the month! (April 2022

Royal Tencopators Orchestra

Another record worth beeing seen (february 2022): ULTRAPHONE, flexi-record, 1933 (CEMJazz Collections)

ULTRAPHONE SU 5004 flexi-record


CEMJazz call number: obr-78t-deco-1-6.

An old record worth beeing seen (december 2021): Pathé, sapphire record, 90rpm, 35cm (13,78'')! circa 1910 (CEMJazz Collections)


Pathé Record 8097.

- TRES MOUTARDE (uncredited orchestra)


- HOW DO YOU DO, MISS RAGTIME? (Pathé frères orchestra).

CEMJazz call number: obr-sap-gds-1-1.