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 Jazz Echoes

Jazz echoes of the month, since july, 2021

April “If Ever I cease To Love” Mardi Gras Revelers. 78rpm vinyl 10” record, SOUTHLAND 9006, Recorded in New Orleans, USA, 1954.
March “Lover” M. Philippe-Gérard et son Ensemble (drums: Armand Molinetti). 78rpm 10“ picture disc, Saturne 3027 SP, France circa 1950.
February “122 BLUES” Trio Michel Pacout, 78rpm, 12'', Jazz Record Society AA 001, France, 1948. recorded in May 1948 by Claude Luter (cl), Christian Azzi (p) and Michel Pacout (dms).
January “Yellow Five” Ruben Reeves and his River Boys, 16rpm, 7”, not on label, France, 1950s, Recorded in Chicago on December 14, 1934.
December “It'a Sin To Tell a Lie” Jack Burrows and his “Divisionnairs”, 78rpm 10“, “Disques ABC Paris”, JC 126 (F 1236), Collection of the “Jazz Club Français”, France 1945.
November “Felix The Cat” Lud Gluskin et son Jazz, 78rpm 8“ shellac, OMNIA 27506 (N-8856-2), France 1928.
October “Jazz Me Blues” Danny Polo And His Swing Stars, 12” 33rpm record, TOM-41 (The Old Masters), USA circa 1970. All titles were recorded between 1937 and 1939.
September “New St. Louis Blues” Johnny Dodds Trio, 12” 78rpm record, HOT JAZZ CLUB of AMERICA, No 615, USA, circa 1950, recorded in Chicago on april 21, 1927.
Août “Tar Paper Stomp” Barbacue Joe And His Hot Dogs, Swaggie Records JCS-33780, 7”, 33 RPM, EP, Australia circa 1960, recorded in Richmond on August 28, 1930.
July “I Got a Misery” JIMMY NOONE and his APEX CLUB ORCHESTRA, AFCDJ Record A 030, France 1940s, recorded in 1928.
June “I Know That You Know” Rex Stewart and his Footwarmers, Swing 78rpm record SW70, recorded on april 5, 1939.
May “Long Lost Mamma (Daddy Misses You)” The Jazz-O-Harmonists, 80rpm diamond record, EDISON Record, 51165-L, 1923.
April “Careless Love” Bunk Johnson & The Yerba Buena Jazz Band, 78rpm Good Time Jazz 63. Recorded in San Francisco, 1944.
March “Chicago” Quintette du Hot Club de France, Swing Record SW2, recorded April 26, 1937.
February “Cake walking babies (from home)” Les HOT PEPPERS, 33rpm 7“, AFAJNO record 4, recorded live in Paris on March 16, 1966.
January “I Love my Man” Billie Holiday with the All-Star Jam Band, PALM CLUB Record, PALM 23, ca 1960, recorded in 1944 (Esquire Concert).
December “Christmas Swing” Michel Warlop, Swing Record SW13, feat. Django Reinhardt (g) & Louis Vola (b), recorded in 1937.
November “Loveless Love” (sic) Chocolate Dandies With Male Trio, TAX LP-6 record, circa 1955, recorded in 1931.
October “Honeysuckle Rose” Coleman Hawkins & his all-star “Jam” band, Swing Record SW1, recorded in april 1937.
September “Jalous Hearted Blues” Gertrude “Ma” Rainey, Société Française de Gramophilie AFG-6b, circa 1950. Recorded in 1925.
August “Pasadena” L'Orchestre Romaine (The Savoy Orpheans), Gramophone Record K 2682, France, circa 1925.
July “In a street of Chinese lanterns” Harry Hudson's Melody Men, Edison Bell RADIO No 805, UK 1928.
June “I'm putting all my eggs in one basket” The Rhythm Rascals, CROWN No 186, UK 1936 (Actually Jay Wilbur's orchestra).
May “Footloose” California Ramblers, Pathé Saphir 6827, circa 1925.
April “Wa-Wa-Wa” Royal Tencopators Orchestra, Concert at Orsay on March 14, 1985.
March “Sweet Sue - Just You” The Plaza Band (cf Harry Hudson's Melody Men), Edison Bell RADIO, 926, 1929
February “Yes! We have no bananas” Hot Boys Band (dir. Rumolino), Pathé Saphir “coq” n°6632, 1923
January “What do we do on a dew-dew-dewy day” The Midnight Merrymakers, Broadcast C1002, recorded circa 1928.
Décember “She's funny that way” Sam Wooding And His Orchestra, Pathé 8693, recorded in Paris, november 1929, sapphire record released in France in 1930.
November “Gonna Get a Girl” Harry Bidgood and his Broadcasters, Broadcast 194, february 1928.
Octobre “Gregorology” Gregor et ses Gregorians, Edison Bell RADIO, FS 866, Paris 1929.
September “Doin' the Racoon” George Olsen and His Music, Victor, 21701-A, 1928.
August “Blues, Look out of there” Alix Combelle et la jam session N°1, SWING SW 227, Paris 1946.
July “The Sheik” Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians, Brunswick, 2175-A, 1921.