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June 2022 “I'm putting all my eggs in one basket” The Rhythm Rascals, CROWN No 186, UK 1936 (Actually Jay Wilbur's orchestra).
May 2022 “Footloose” California Ramblers, Pathé Saphir 6827, circa 1925.
April 2022 “Wa-Wa-Wa” Royal Tencopators Orchestra, Concert at Orsay on March 14, 1985.
March 2022 “Sweet Sue - Just You” The Plaza Band , Edison Bell RADIO, 926, 1929
February 2022 “Yes! We have no bananas” Hot Boys Band (dir. Rumolino), Pathé Saphir “Coq” n°6632, 1923
January 2022 “What do we do on a dew-dew-dewy day” The Midnight Merrymakers, Broadcast C1002, ca 1928.
December, 2021 “She's funny that way” Sam Wooding And His Orchestra, Pathé 8693, recorded in Paris, november 1929, sapphire record released in France in 1930.
November, 2021 “Gonna Get a Girl” Harry Bidgood and his Broadcasters, Broadcast 194, february 1928.
October, 2021 “Gregorology” Gregor et ses Gregorians, Edison Bell RADIO, FS 886, Paris 1929.
September, 2021 “Doin' the Racoon” George Olsen and His Music, Victor, 21701-A, 1928.
August, 2021 “Blues, Look out of there” Alix Combelle et la jam session N°1, SWING SW227, Paris 1946.
July, 2021 “The Sheik” Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians, Brunswick, 2175-A, 1921.

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