June 2023, EDISON ''AMERICA'' No 5, June 1947 (CEMJazz Collections)

The artistic and literary review “AMERICA Cahiers France-Amérique-Latinité”, directed by Pierre Seghers and edited by the intercontinentale du livre, was founded in 1945 and only five issues were printed. The last one, dated from June 1947 and […] presented by AMERICA and the Hot-Club de France […], was entitled “Jazz 1947”.

Robert Goffin and Charles Delaunay were the chief editors of this issue and…they were in good company as we can see above… Besides, not all the contributors are mentioned since we find, for example, Hergé, whose name appears throughout the pages!

AMERICA June 1947

Jazz 47 focuses on the history and aesthetics of Jazz, a fascinating dossier to read, of course, “with the eyes of the era”…

CEMJazz call numbers: cmj-rv-86-1-5.

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A Selection of early ''BLUE NOTE'' 78rpm, 12'' records (CEMJazz collections)

"BLUE NOTE" 1939-1945 100% Jazz playlist.

Early “BLUE NOTE” records: a selection of 78rpm, 12“ released in 1939 and the early 1940s.

Early "BLUE NOTE" records

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Jazz echo of the month (CEMJazz collections)

June 2023 “I Know That You Know” Rex Stewart and his Footwarmers, Swing 78rpm record SW70, recorded on april 5, 1939.
May 2023 “Long Lost Mamma (Daddy Misses You)” The Jazz-O-Harmonists, 80rpm diamond record, EDISON Record, 51165-L, 1923.
April 2023 “Careless Love” Bunk Johnson & The Yerba Buena Jazz Band, 78rpm Good Time Jazz 63. Recorded in San Francisco, 1944.
March 2023 “Chicago” Quintette du Hot Club de France, Swing Record SW2, recorded April 26, 1937.
February 2023 “Cake walking babies (from home)” Les HOT PEPPERS, 33rpm 7”, AFAJNO record 4, recorded live in Paris on March 16, 1966.
January 2023 “I Love my Man” Billie Holiday with the All-Star Jam Band, PALM CLUB Record, PALM 23, ca 1960, recorded in 1944 (Esquire Concert).

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May 21, 2023, CEMJazz Database, 4000 items.

The 4000th item indexed in the CEMJazz database is a photograph from the Michel Pfau collection.
CEMJazz call number mpf-docp-phot-1-13.

This portrait of Jelly Roll Morton is captioned (in faded ink) “Washington, May 1937”.

4000 ième item

The silver print on glossy paper (format 20.6cm X 25.5cm), unsigned, has lived a little. The photo must have been framed in its time, the edges are damaged or even slightly torn, they are holes in the corners and traces of adhesive tape and glue; but that's not what we're looking at in this photo…

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