“Mini work database” allowing to find information on labels of sapphire records (80 rpm), 78rpm records (neddle and a few vinyl records) and Edison diamond.

This database lists all the labels encountered at CEMJazz when indexing our records. It contains a minimum of information (typically: country, period of activity, …) and provides links to sites where the matter is studied in more details. Unfortunately if the English labels (among others) are very well documented, it is not quite the same for their French counterparts (but things are changing !!)…

To visit, choose an “inventory type” on the left. Nota: except a few exceptions, only “78rpm 'Deco'“, “78rpm Small size”, “78rpm 12in.” as well as “Sapphire” (all types) and “Edison Diamond” records have been indexed (July, 2022).

Notations and abbreviations

1930: 1930… /1930: before 1930 /1930/: around 1930 1930/: after 1930
1925-1935: between 1925 and 1935 ~1930~: in the 30' (less precise)

CEMJazz Data Base status

78rpm records
Sapphire records
Edison Diamond records