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Our projects are oriented towards the optimization of archives donated to CEMJazz.

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First of all we classify and store the different holdings then we make an inventory so as to create a database available on this site.

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The CEMJazz site is not only a place for archives but it also welcomes visitors, amateurs as well as researcherss… It is also possible to consult the finest pieces of our collections.

Bring Life to archives

To bring our archives to life, we welcome any project that allows as to showcase the different collections (festival, exhibition, …).

78rpm Swing Record SW 11, 1937, CEMJazz collections (obr-78t-25cm-sw1-11) Sapphire record, Pathé 8647, circa 1930, CEMJazz collections (obr-sap-2729-30-11)

A Data Base is under development so as to index the CEMJazz archives. The public access to the data base is based on a query module.

October 11, 2023, CEMJazz 5000!!

The 5000th item indexed in the CEMJazz database is the issue no 61 (August-September 1973) of “Doctor Jazz Magazine” revue.

5000 ième item

The last “paper” issue of Docteur Jazz Magazine, the oldest Jazz mag in the Netherlands -founded in 1963- was published by spring 2023. Liefhebbers van traditionele jazz 1900-1955 (traditional Jazz lovers), may still consult the website

CEMJazz call number: cmj-rv-110-1-61.

May 21, 2023, CEMJazz Database, 4000 items.

The 4000th item indexed in the CEMJazz database is a photograph from the Michel Pfau collection.
CEMJazz call number mpf-docp-phot-1-13.

This portrait of Jelly Roll Morton is captioned (in faded ink) “Washington, May 1937”.

4000 ième item

The silver print on glossy paper (format 20.6cm X 25.5cm), unsigned, has lived a little. The photo must have been framed in its time, the edges are damaged or even slightly torn, they are holes in the corners and traces of adhesive tape and glue; but that's not what we're looking at in this photo…

Novembre 1, 2022, CEMJazz Data Base: 3000 items.

The 3000th item indexed in the CEMJazz database is a 45rpm EP from the Jean-Pierre Daubresse collection.
CEMJazz shelf mark jpd-45t-17cm-1-16.

This 45rpm “Melodisc” EPM7-56 was released in the UK around 1955.

[…] The four tracks on this E.P. are but a small part of the canvas that makes up the picture of New Orleans but they are authentic and a vital part of the whole […]

Tony Parenti and his Basin Street Quartet

3000th item

Four titles:
A1: I use to love you. A2: Cecilia.
B1: Louisiana. B2: Baby won't you please come home.

-Tony Parenti (Clarinet) -Chink Martin (String Bass-Tuba) -Armand Hug (Piano) -Abbie Brunies (Drums).

May 14, 2022, CEMJazz Data Base: 2000 items.

The 2000th item indexed in our database is a 10“ 33rpm LP of the label “PALM CLUB” bearing the catalog number PALM 10.
CEMJazz shelf mark mpf-33t-25cm-al2-6.

There is no hard cover and the labels on sides A and B are stingy with information. This record was obviously published in France, but we don't know much about this label.

Nevertheless, the tracks would have been recorded on December 14, 1938 for Martin Block's WNEW Swing Show. We would therefore hear Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Jack Teagarden, Bud Freeman, Albert Casey and George Wettling.

Strangely enough, the rare “PALM 10” referenced on the web do not have the same list of titles on side B (Old Time Blues, Jeepers Creepers, I Got Rhythm) as ours.

2000th item

As of May 14, 2022, the CEMJazz database also references PALM CLUB No 6, 7, 9 to 13, 17, 20, and 22.

January 18, 2022, CEMJazz Data Base: 1000 items.

This sapphire record 'Perfectaphone' is the thousandth item indexed in the CEMJazz database.
CEMJazz shelf mark obr-saphir-2729-6-12.

The Perfectaphone brand was founded in 1919 by Constantin Furn. This 29cm Sapphire record, with the label “angel playing the lyre”, bears the catalog number 1436 and dates from around 1925.

1000th item

The two titles: “Un soir” and “Elle est jolie, jolie” are presented as Fox-Trot and certainly have “jazzistic” claims.

We also know that, among other celebrities, “Gregoire Nakchounian & his Russian North Stars” or Guy Paquinet with the “Melody Six” performed by 1925 at the cabaret “Le Chateau Caucasien” located Rue Pigalle in Paris. Here, the orchestra is not credited but it is, without a doubt, Mario Cazes Orchestra.

1000th item