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Cote CEMJazz: mpf-pub-mus-1-21 (partiel)

infos This new version favors full-text search. You can directly query a series (audio, films and videos, scores, etc.) and of course refine your search by selecting more precisely the collections or fields to query.
  • A keyword is required unless, while refining, a drop-down list is proposed (record label, magazine title, etc.).
  • Research is carried out in temporary workspaces. To save the results, you must use the “save as pdf” button on the right-hand side of the pages.
  • The return page can be the result of multiple SQL queries. Each is limited to 50 responses except for users connected to the site.

Avis! This version ß may not work as expected or even behave erratically!!


CEMJazz Database Status

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14.0.1216 juillet 202447497838084814522

The CEMJazz Database is updated periodically and the consultation software evolves regularly. Please let us know, at the following address, any error, anomaly, problem, malfunction or any possible improvement: bdd@cemjazz.org, with the subject “CEMJazz Data Base feedback”.

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