Inventaire OBR-33T-SPE

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Fonds Olivier Brard, disques microsillon 33t spéciaux.
obr-33t-spe-1-1Sans label (not on label)Billie Holiday Volume 2 Commodore.Billie Holiday.A1: On the sunny side of the treet. A2: As time goes by. A3: I'm yours. A4: Fine and Mellow. B1: Embraceable you. B2: My old flame. B3: I love my man. B4: Strange fruit.
obr-33t-spe-1-2Sans label (not on label)Jimmy O'Bryant - 1.Jimmy O'Bryant.A1: Red hot mama. A2: Drunk man's strut. A3: Washboard. A4: Brand new Charleston. A5: Skoodlum blues. B1: Midnight Strutters. B2: Georgia Breakdown. B3: Blue-eyed Sally. B4: Three J Blues. B5: Steppin' on the Blues.
obr-33t-spe-1-3Sans label (not on label)Jimmy O'Bryant - 2.Jimmy O'Bryant.A1: Clarinet get away. A2: Back alley rub. A3: The joys. A4: Everybody pile. A5: Charleston fever. B1: Sxitch it Miss Mitchell. B2: Down to the bricks. B3: I found a good man after all. B4 Milenberg joys. B5: Sugar babe.