Inventaire IRK-45T-17CM

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Fonds Irakli, disques microsillon 45 tours 17cm. Inventaire en cours.
irk-45t-17cm-1-8Black and Blue33 601Christian Morin Quintet.Christian Morin Quintet.A1: La Bande à Bonnot. B1: Bye Bye Baby.
irk-45t-17cm-2-14Brunswick10 112Satch And His Trumpet.Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars - Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra.A1: High Society. A2: Mahogany Hall Stomp. B1: When The Saints Go Marching In. B2: Bye And Bye.
irk-45t-17cm-2-15Brunswick10 620MARDI GRAS MARCH.Louis Armstrong.A1: The Mardi Gras March. A2: I Love Jazz. B1: This Younger Generation. B2: In Pursuit Of Happiness.
irk-45t-17cm-2-16BrunswickOE 9310Satchmo Sings Spirituals.Louis Armstrong.A1: Going To Shout All Over God's Heaven. A2: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen. B1: Shadrack. B2: Jonah And The Whale.
irk-45t-17cm-1-11Buena Vista RecordsVS 624 FMarc Laferrière et son Orchestre jouent Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains.Marc Laferrière et son Orchestre.A1: Heigh Ho Heigh Ho. A2: Un Jour Mon Prince Viendra. B1: Un Sourire En Chantant. B2: Sifflez En Travaillant.
irk-45t-17cm-2-12CIDEUM 105504Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: I Get Ideas (When We Are Dancing). A2: A Kiss To Build A Dream On. B1: Cold, Cold Heart. B2: Because Of You.
irk-45t-17cm-1-14COLUMBIAESDF 1094Clarence Williams and his Orchestra.Clarence Williams and his Orchestra.A1: Ooh! Looka-There, Ain't She Pretty. A2: On The Sunny Side Of The Street. B1: Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do. B2: Sugar Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-2-3CORALEPC 94 259Jazz Museum 9 - Carroll Dickerson, Jimmy Wade, The Jungleband 1928/29.Carroll Dickerson, Jimmy Wade, The Jungleband.A1: Missouri Squabble. A2: Black Maria. B1: Mississippi Wobble. B2: Dog Bottom.
irk-45t-17cm-2-5CORALEPC 94 265Jazz Museum 15 - Jimmie Noone 1928/1930.Jimmie Noone.A1: Four Or Five Times. A2: Every Evening. B1: You Rascal You. B2: I Got A Misery.
irk-45t-17cm-1-25CORALEPC 94 157Jimmie Noone and his Apex Club Orchestra.Jimmie Noone.A1: Apex Blues. A2: My Monday Date. B1: I Know That You Know. B2: Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me.
irk-45t-17cm-2-2CORALEPV 94 214Pionneers of Jazz 14 - Johnny Dodds / Jimmy O'Bryant 1926-27.Johnny Dodds / Jimmy O'BryantA1: Weary Way Blues. A2: Poutin' Papa. B1: Little Bits. B2: Struggling.
irk-45t-17cm-2-4CORALEPC 94 261Jazz Museum 11 - Johnny Dodds, Junie C. Cobb 1927/29.Johnny Dodds, Junie C. Cobb.A1: After You've Gone. A2: Piggly Wiggly. B1: Boot That Thing. B2: Once Or Twice.
irk-45t-17cm-2-6CORALECV 18027Connaissance du Jazz Vol. 1 - Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Wild Man Blues. A2: Melancholy. B1: Georgia Bo Bo. B2: Drop That Sack.
irk-45t-17cm-2-7CORALECV 18028Connaissance du Jazz Vol. 2 - Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Static Strut. A2: Stomp Off, Let's Go. B1: Terrible Blues. B2: Santa Claus Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-2-8CORALECV 18028Connaissance du Jazz Vol. 2 - Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Static Strut. A2: Stomp Off, Let's Go. B1: Terrible Blues. B2: Santa Claus Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-2-13CapitolCLF 5716Louis Armstrong With Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians.Louis Armstrong.A1: Mumbo Jumbo. B1: Come Along Down.
irk-45t-17cm-1-5Daems25 402Jazz.Bernard Bassié et son Quintette.A1: Exactly Like You. A2: He's My Guy. B1: Lester Leaps In. B2: Just A Gigolo.
irk-45t-17cm-1-2Ducretet Thomson460 V 687Les Haricots Rouges.Les Haricots Rouges.A1: Maman n'veut pas (Maman Don't Allow It). A2: La Caissière Du Grand Café. B1: Le Barbu sans Barbe. B2: Quand Revient la Nuit (Mister Lonely).
irk-45t-17cm-1-19Jazz LegendNo 3Noble Sissle, Arthur Briggs.Noble Sissle, Arthur Briggs.A1: You Can't Get To Heaven. A2: Confessin'. B1: Rosy Cheeks. B2: Sometimes I'm Happy.
irk-45t-17cm-1-16Jazz SociëteitSJ 660703Savoy Jazzmen & Ine Koll.Savoy Jazzmen & Ine Koll.A1: Banks Of The Bann. B1: What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor.
irk-45t-17cm-2-11LA VOIX DE SON MAITRE7 EMF 20Louis Armstrong et son Orchestre.Louis Armstrong.A1: Mahogany Hall Stomp. A2: Where The Blues Were Born In New-Orleans. B1: Back O'Town Blues. B2: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New-Orleans.
irk-45t-17cm-1-6Manuiti4 135René Giner et son Orchestre.René Giner et son Orchestre.A1: Toi Mélodie. A2: N'oublie pas 'Tahiti Jerk'. B2: Caravan.
irk-45t-17cm-1-18MercuryMEP 14018Albert Ammons – Boogie Woogie Piano.Albert Ammons.A1: St. Louis Blues. A2: Twelfth Street Boogie. B1: Swanee River Boogie. B2: You Are My Sunshine.
irk-45t-17cm-2-9ODEONSOE 3439The Hot Five.Louis Armstrong.A1: Once In A While. A2: I'm Not Rough. B1: Hotter Than That. B2: Savoy Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-1-10PRESIDENTPR 474Marc Laferrière et son Dixieland Jazz Band jouent 'Jazzap'.Marc Laferrière et son Dixieland Jazz Band / François Guin dirige les Swingers et les Four Bones.A1: 'JAZZAP'. B1: MATSUSHIMA.
irk-45t-17cm-1-9PRESIDENTPR 474Marc Laferrière et son Dixieland Jazz Band jouent 'Jazzap'.Marc Laferrière et son Dixieland Jazz Band / François Guin dirige les Swingers et les Four Bones.A1: 'JAZZAP'. B1: MATSUSHIMA.
irk-45t-17cm-1-13Pathé45 EG 105Aimé Barelli joue George Gershwin.Aimé Barelli.A1: Rhapsody In Blue. B1: Un Américain à Paris.
irk-45t-17cm-1-22Pathé45 EA 26Rex Stewart And His Footwarmers.Rex Stewart And His Footwarmers.A1: Finesse. A2: Solid Old Man. B1: I Know That You Know. B2: Montmartre.
irk-45t-17cm-1-15Pirate RecordsMPC 525Fletcher Henderson - Volume 3.Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra.A1: Sweet Thing (take 4). A2: Sweet Thing (take 6). B1: I Need Lovin' (take 2). B2: Shuffling Sadie (take 1).
irk-45t-17cm-2-10RCA75 382Louis Armstrong – Jazz De Poche N° 2.Louis Armstrong.A1: Basin Street Blues. A2: Saint-Louis Blues. B1: ack-Armstrong Blues. B2: Back O'Town Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-2-1RCA VICTOR86 586 MTreasury of Jazz 80 - Sweet Pease Spivey.Sweet Pease Spivey.A1: Day Breaking Blues. A2: Leaving Your Baby. B1: Heart Breaking Blues. B2: Longing For Home.
irk-45t-17cm-1-24RIVERSIDEEP 102South Side Jazz.Johnny Dodds.A1: Oriental Man. A2: Sock That Thing. B1: Weary Way Blues. B2: There'll Come A Day.
irk-45t-17cm-1-3Riviera121 257Tu veux, tu veux pas.Marcel Zanini.A1: Tu veux, tu veux pas. B1: Ça balance terrible.
irk-45t-17cm-1-23SAVOY-MusidiscSA 3002The Greatest Erroll Garner.Erroll Garner.A1: Stardust. A2: I Cover The Waterfront. B1: Somebody Loves Me. B2: Body And Soul.
irk-45t-17cm-1-20SAVOY-MusidiscSA 3011The greatest Erroll Garner - Vol. 2.Erroll Garner.A1: On The Sunny Side Of The Street. A2: Rosalie. B1: Penthouse Serenade. B2: Over The Rainbow.
irk-45t-17cm-1-12SONOROPSONO 4001Géo Daly, son vibraphone, son aorchestre.Géo Daly et son orchestre.A1: The Last For The Road. A2: Flying Home. B1: Flor Y Flauta. B2: South Rythm Blues.
irk-45t-17cm-1-4Swingers ClubSC 0003BLUES - Mouth Harp With Four Bones plus Swingers.Mouth Harp With Four Bones plus Swingers.A1: G.B.D.N. B1: Dirty Weather.
irk-45t-17cm-1-7VEGAV 45 P 1838Boston à la Moustache.Moustache et son Dixieland Jazz Band.A1: Goodnight Irene. A2: When you Grow too Old to Drream. B1: Change Partner. B2: Long Ago and Far Away.
irk-45t-17cm-1-21VOGUEEPV 1160Earl Hines Trio.Earl Hines Trio.B1: Fine And Dandy. B2: Boogie-Woogie On Saint Louis Blues. A1: Honeysuckle Rose. A2: Snappy Rhythm.