"Playlist de l'été"

100% Jazz et 100% 33 tours 25cm des années 50, sélection des meilleurs disques indexés dans la base de données du CEMJazz!!

obr-33t-25cm-al5-14Club National Du DisqueDancing-Party À Saint-Germain-Des-Prés.Ensemble du Club des Variétés.A1: Motion. A2: I Cover The Waterfront. A3: Fine And Dandy. A4: Walking. A5: Just One Of Those Things. B1: Speak Low. B2: We'll Be Together Again. B3: Fluted Columns. B4: How About You. B5: What's New.-Alto Saxophone: Claude Marchand. -Double Bass: Jacques Boyer. -Drums: Jean-Louis Cruizier. -Guitar: Pierre Cullaz. -Lead Vocals, Piano: Mimi Perrin. -Piano: Jean-Pierre Drouet.France, 1958.
mpf-33t-25cm-al2-24VOGUERendez-Vous Dansant Avec Tab Smith And His Fabulous Alto.Tab Smith.A1: Sunny Side Of The Street. A2: Under A Blanket Of Blues. A3: You Belong To Me. A4: Ace High. B1: Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart. B2: Red, Hot And Blue. B3: Hands Across The Table. B4: Can't We Take A Chance.Tab Smith and his trio.France, 1953.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-11COLUMBIAErroll Garner Plays For Dancing.Erroll Garner.A1: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. A2: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man. A3: Stompin' At The Savoy. B1: Sweet Sue - Just You. B2: Cheek To Cheek. B3: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.Bass: Wyatt Ruther. Drums: 'Fats' Heard. Piano: Erroll Garner.USA, 1953.
jpd-33t-25cm-al3-20VOGUEBechet-Luter Favorites.Sidney Bechet.A1: Bechet Créole Blues. A2: Les Oignons. A3: Mon Homme. A4: Moustache Gauloise. B1: Cé Mossieu Qui Parlé. B2: Ridin' Easy Blues. B3: Buddy Bolden's Story. B4: Panther Dance.Sidney Bechet.France, 1951.
obr-33t-25cm-cp1-2Ducretet ThomsonTHE DANSANT n°4.Compilation.A1: Sweet Sue - Tea for two. A2: Inspiration. A3: El Irrestible. A4: Rosa. A5: Je pense à toi. A6: Mister Callaghan. B1: Lady of Spain - LA danse du pingouin. B2: Saint Louis Blues. B3: L'amour est un bouquet de violettes. B4: Qautre saisons. B5: La Muchacha del Centro.Orchestres de Roger Bourdin, J. Cahan-J. Colombo, Jacques Morino, André Ekyan, Dany Kane, Jerry Mengo, Fanck Pourcel. Virginie Morgan-l'orgue.France.
obr-33t-25cm-al5-8CIDDANCING No 5 'danses variées'.FUD CANDRIX et son orchestre.A1: Little brown jug. A2: Hold my hand. A3: Pennsylvania 6-5000. A4: Dream. A5: Weddings bells. A6: Goodnight sweetheart, goodnight. B1: American patrol. B2: Crazy 'bout you baby. B3: Pin-up boogie. B4: La fille de Londres. B5: La goualante du pauvre Jean. B6: 12th street rag.FUD CANDRIX et son orchestre.France, 1956.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-4VOGUEDansons Joyeusement Avec Marino Marini Quartette.Marino Marini et son Quartette.A1: Il Mazzo Di Mammole. A2: Don Ciccio'o Piscatore. A3: Miguel. A4: Sophia. A5: Casanova. B1: Stu Mambo Cha Cha Cha. B2: Maruzzella. B3: Bella, O'padrone Sa Venne. B4: Buongiorno Tristezza. B5: Oho Aha (Ciao).Marino Marini et son Quartette.France, 1955.
obr-33t-25cm-al3-10Club Français du disqueS.B. Bechet joue Bechet.Sidney Bechet.A1: Dans Les Rue D'Antibes. A2: Petite Fleur. A3: En Attendant Le Jour. A4: Girl's Dance. B1: Temperamental. B2: Patte De Mouche. B3: Jacqueline. B4: Les Oignons.A1, A3, B2, B4 - Sidney Bechet et Claude Luter et son Orchestre. A2, A4 - Sidney Bechet All-Stars. B1, B3 - Sidney Bechet Et A. Reweliotty et son Orchestre.France, 1956.
obr-33t-25cm-al4-8Club National Du DisqueJazz Pour Danser - Dancing Party N°2.Gilles Thibaut Et Son Orchestre.A1: Avril Au Portugal. A2: Black And Blues. A3: La Vie En Rose. A4: Blue Turning Grey Over You. A5: New-Orléans Function. B1: C'est Si Bon. B2: When It's Sleepy Time Down South. B3: Rose De Picardie. B4: Mack The Knife. B5: Ramona.-Bass: Georges Lucas. -Clarinet: Gérard Binida. -Conductor, Trumpet: Gilles Thibaut. -Drums: Marcel Blanche. -Piano: Jacques Denjean. -Trombone: Claude Gousset. -Vocals: Colette Magny (A2, B4).France, 1958.
jpd-33t-25cm-al2-16GEM (Guilde Européenne du Microsillon)Sentimental Mister Lou (Manhattan Blues).Lou Reizner.A1: Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup. A2: Tenderly. A3: Old Devil Moon. A4: Our Love Is Here To Stay. A5: There'il Never Be Amother You. B1: Smile. B2: Strange. B3: Automn Leaves. B4: September In The Rain. B5: Lover Come Back To Me.-Bass: Lloyd Thompson. -Drums: All Levitt. -Guitar: Harry Kelt. -Piano: Art Simmons. -Tenor Saxophone: Ted Rosen. -Voice: Lou Reizner.France, /1957/.
jpd-33t-25cm-al3-25DECCAFavorite Hawaiian Songs - Volume one.Bing CrosbyA1: Songs Of The Islands. A2: Aloha Oe (farewell To Thee). A3: Hawaiian Paradise. A4: South Sea Island Magic. B1: Sweet Leilani. B2: Blue Hawaii. B3: Dancing Under The Stars. B4: Palace In Paradise.Bing Crosby. -Vocals: Dick McIntire And His Harmony Hawaiians (A1-A4), Lani McIntire And His Hawaiians (B1-B4).USA, 1949.
mpf-33t-25cm-al2-21COLUMBIAKeyboard Capers.Herman Chittison.A1: Memories Of You. A2: Let's Fall In Love. A3: Dancing On The Ceiling. A4: Isn't It Romantic. B1: September In The Rain. B2: They Can't Take That Away From Me. B3: Can't We Be Friends?. B4: On The Sunny Side Of The Street.Herman Chittison.USA, 1950.
jpd-33t-25cm-al2-7COLUMBIADANSONS LE JAZZ DIXIELAND.DAVID BEE and his BUZY BEES.A1: Muskrat ramble. A2: Darktown Strutter's Ball. A3: Sweet Georgia Brown. A4: Twelfth Street Rag. A5: Vladivostok. B1: Tiger Rag. B2: I've Found a New Baby. B3: Temptation Rag. B4: I'm Coming Virginia. B5: High Tension.DAVID BEE and his BUZY BEES.France, 1955.
jpd-33t-25cm-al6-3Jolly RogerJohnny Hodges Featuring Cootie Williams (Volume One).Johnny Hodges.A1: The Rabbit's Jump. A2: Tired Socks. A3: Skunk Hollow Blues. A4: Dance Of The Goon. B1: Savoy Strut. B2: Good Gal Blues. B3: Home Town Blues. B4: Kitchen Mechanic's Day.Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone: Johnny Hodges. Trumpet: Cootie Williams. (voir vol 2, jpd-33t-25cm-al6-4).USA, /1952/.
jpd-33t-25cm-cp1-4Ducretet ThomsonJazz For Dance Vol. 3.Compilation.A1: Muskrat Ramble. A2: Tin Roof Blues. A3: When The Saints Go Marchin On. A4: Apex Blues. A5: Clarinet Marmalade. B1: High Society. B2: Black And Blue. B3: Lorsque 'Melbourne' Piochait. B4: Royal Garden Blues.A1, A4, B2, B4 - Maxime Saury and his New Orleans Sound. A2, A5, B1 - Joe Luciano and his Dixieland Jazzband. A3-Babe Wallace. B3 - Eddie Bernard Trio.France, 1954.
jpd-33t-25cm-al1-1Ducretet ThomsonJazz For Dance Vol. 5 - Rendez-Vous à la Nouvelle-Orléans.Maxim Saury and his New Orléans Sound.A1: Canal Street Blues. A2: Tishomingo Blues. A3: When It's Sleepy Time Down South. A4: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans. B1: Good Old New Orleans. B2: Basin Street Blues. B3: West And Blues. B4: Do You Mean What It Mean To Miss New Orleans. B5: Tiger Rag.-Bass: Guy Patersen. -Clarinet: Maxim Saury. -Drums: André 'Mak Kak' Reilles. -Piano: Maurice Vandair. -Trombone: Bernard Zacharias. -Trumpet: Jean-Claude Naude (A3, A4, B1, B2, B4), Peanuts Holland (A1, A2, B3, B5), Roger Guérin.France, 1955.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-6COLUMBIADuke Ellington's Liberian Suite.Duke Ellington And His Orchestra.A1: I Like The Sunrise. A2: Dance No. 1. A3: Dance No. 2. B1: Dance No. 3. B2: Dance No. 4. B3: Dance No. 5.Duke Ellington And His Orchestra: -Alto Saxophone: Johnny Hodges. -Alto Saxophone, Clarinet: Russell Procope. -Baritone Saxophone: Harry Carney. -Bass: Junior Raglin, Oscar Pettiford. -Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone: Jimmy Hamilton. -Drums: Sonny Greer. -Guitar: Fred Guy. -Piano: Duke Ellington. -Tenor Saxophone: Al Sears. -Trombone: Lawrence Brown, Tyree Glenn. -Trumpet:– Al Killian, Francis Williams, Shelton Hemphill, Shorty Baker. -Trumpet, Violin: Ray Nance. -Valve Trombone: Claude Jones. -Vocals – Al Hibbler, Harry Carney (A1).USA, 1949.
jpd-33t-25cm-cp1-3VOGUE.. et la danse continue.Compilation.A1: Sous Les Ponts De Paris. A2: Sables Chauds. A3: Revenir Pres De Toi. A4: Telephonez-Moi Cherie. A5: El Mambo En Broadway. B1: J'ai Besoin Que Tu M'aimes. B2: Jacqueline. B3: Baile De San Vito. B4: Pobre Pequeno. B5: La Fille De Londres.A1: Marcel Bianchi Sa Guitare Et Ses Rythmes. A2, B5: Pierre Dorsey Son Piano Ses Cors Et Ses Rhythmes. A3: Mario Capaldi Et Son Ensemble. A4, B1: Alix Combelle Et Son Orchestre. A5: Tito Puente Con Su Orquesta (Vocals Alfredo Valdes). B2: Sidney Bechet, André Réwéliotty et son Orchestre. B3: Miguelito Valdes Y Su Orquesta. B4: Primo Corchia Y Su Orquesta.France, 1953.
mpf-33t-25cm-al3-16PHILIPSDuke Ellington's Liberian Suite.Duke Ellington and his Orchestra.A1: I Like The Sunrise. A2: Dance No. 1. A3: Dance No. 2. B1: Dance No. 3. B2: Dance No. 4. B3: Dance No. 5.Duke Ellington and his Orchestra (with): -Vocals: Al Hibbler (A1). -Tenor Saxophone: Al Sears (A2). -Clarinet: Jimmy Hamilton (B1). -Vibraphone [Vibraharp]: Tyree Glenn (A3). -Baritone Saxophone: Harry Carney (B1, B3). -Trumpet: Al Killian (B1). -Violin: Ray Nance (B1). -Alto Saxophone: Johnny Hodges (B2). -Drums: Sonny Greer (B2). -Trombone: Tyree Glenn (B3).France, /1955/.
jpd-33t-25cm-cp1-5Ducretet ThomsonSnack-Bar Dance.Compilation.A1: Chou. A2: Riz à la créole. A3: Le marchand de cacahuètes. A4: La fée du café. A5: Les oranges de Jaffa. A6: Bonbons, caramels. B1:Clarinet Marmelade. B2: Jimmy's Bar. B3: Deux gouttes d'eau. B4: Les oignons. B5: Double Whisky. B6: Boogie after Whisky.A1, A4, A5 - Jerry Mengo et son Orchestre. A2 - Claude Luter et ses Lorientais. A3 - Pépé Luiz et son Orchestre d'Amérique Latine. A6 - Noëm Chiboust et son Quintett. B1 - Joe Luciano and his Dixieland Jazzband. B2 - Virginie Morgan et ses rythmes. B3 - Franck Pourcel et ses cordes. B4 - Maxim Sauru and his New-Orleans Sound. B5 - Pierre Braslawsky et son orchestre. B6 - Robert Valentino, son piano et ses rythmes.France, 1956.
obr-33t-25cm-al2-10Club National Du DisqueSurprise Partie en 1925.Orchestre du Club des Variétés, dir. Michel FORGE.A1: Le Danseur De Charleston. A2: Ain't She Sweet. A3: Chicago. A4: My Blue Heaven. A5: The Sheik Of Arabie. B1: Charleston. B2: Margie. B3: Yes Sir That's My Baby. B4: Original Dixieland Charleston. B5: 12th Street Rag.Orchestre du Club des Variétés, dir. Michel FORGE.France, 1958.
irk-33t-25cm-al1-10DECCABlue SkiesBing Crosby, Fred Astaire.A1: Blue Skies. A2: I'll See You In Cuba. A3: You Keep Coming Back Like A Song. A4: (Running Around In Circles) Getting Nowhere. B1: All By Myself. B2: I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now. B3: A Couple Of Song And Dance Men. B4: Puttin' On The Ritz.Orchestre et choeurs: John Scott Trotter. -Vocal: Bing Crosby (A1-A4, B1-B3), Trudy Erwin (A2), Fred Astaire (B3, B4).USA, 1949.
obr-33t-25cm-al4-20PHILIPSDansons Avec Claude Bolling.Claude Bolling Et Son Grand Orchestre.A1: Lonesome (Si tu vois ma Mère). A2: Nouvelle Vague. A3: Quand J'entends Cet Air Là. A4: Clair De Lune = Guarda Che Luna. A5: Crazy Love. B1: Ne Joue Pas = What Good Does It Do Me. B2: I Wanna Be Loved By You. B3: Jericho. B4: J'avais Rêvé D'un Ange = My Special Angel. B5: Black Boy 'Rawhide'.Claude Bolling Et Son Grand Orchestre.France, 1961.
obr-33t-25cm-al6-9FIESTADANCE Hits.Yvon Debie And His Orchestra.A1: Moonlight Serenade. A2: Heart Of My Heart. A3: Three Coins In The Fountain. A4: Je Veux. A5: Sh.-Boom. A6: Le Petit Cordonnier. A7: Anne-Lise. B1: In The Mood. B2: Chapel In The Moonlight. B3 :Secret Love. B4: Pam-poe-dé. B5: Grisbi. B6: Wanted Little Things Mean A Lot. B7: O My Papa.Yvon Debie And His Orchestra.Belgique, /1955/.
jpd-33t-25cm-cp1-2PathéSurprise Partie.Compilation.A1: Ambiance. A2: Verlaine. A3: Charibango. A4: El Martillito (La Mamba). A5: Ay Del Ay. B1: Pas De Week-end Pour Notre Amour. B2: Les Yeux Noirs. B3: What Is This Thing Called Love ?. B4: Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy. B5: Joseph, Joseph.A1, A2 - Jazz De Paris direction Alix Combelle. A3, A4 - Henri Rossotti et son Orchestre. A5, B1 - Armand Bernard & Son Orchestre d'Instruments-Cordes. B2, B3 - Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France. B4, B5 - Arthur Briggs et son 'Society Dance Orchestra'.France, 1952.
jpd-33t-25cm-cp1-11VOGUERENDEZ-VOUS DANSANT Vol 1.Compilation.A1: Le Bal Des Pingouins. A2: El Marinero. A3: Train's Boogie. A4: Montagne D'Italie. A5: Tenderly. A6: Todos una vida. B1: Vanity. B2: Mambo No 5. B3: La Cumparsita. B4: Orphan Annie's Blues. B5: Un Chalet Dans Les Pins. B6: Schuffle Express Boogie.Lorenzo Jova Mambo Cuban Boys (A1, A6, B2). Primo Corchia Y Su Orquesta (A2, B3). Les Cinq Boogies (A3). Louis Corchia et son Ensemble (A4, B5). Don Byas Et Ses Rythmes (A5, B1). Primo Corchia Y Su Orquesta (B3) Sidney Bechet and his All Star Band (B4). Eddie Wilcox & His Orchestra (B6)France, /1952/.
obr-33t-25cm-al4-12CORALLe's Dance.Les Brown And His Band Of Renown.A1: Flying Home. A2: Lullaby In Rhythm. A3: Brown's Little Jug. A4: Predido. B1: Cherokee. B2: Stompin' At The Savoy. B3: Jersey Bounce. B4: One O'Clock Jump.-Alto Saxophone: Ronald Langiner, Sal Libero. -Baritone Saxophone: Henry Stone. -Bass: Rolly Bundock. -Drums:Jack Sperling. -Guitar: Trefone Rizzi. -Piano: Geoffray Clarkson. -Tenor Saxophone: Alvin Aaron, Dave Pell. -Trombone: Clyde Brown, Richard Noel, Ray Sims, Robert Edward Pring. -Trumpet: Don Fagerquist, Don Paladino, Stan Stout, Wesley Hensel.Allemagne, 1955.
jpd-33t-25cm-al5-20VOGUEClaude Luter son Quartette et son Orchestre.Claude Luter son Quartette et son Orchestre.A1: Cannibal Dance. A2: Dixie Twist. A3: Natacha. A4: Sokoni Stomp. A5: Luter twist. B1: Sloppy Slop Twist. B2: September Blues. B3: Slow Club Bounce. B4: Grenadine Twist. B5: Mille-Pattes Stomp.Claude Luter son Quartette et son Orchestre.France, /1962/.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-13RCA'Fats' 1938-42.Fats Waller & His Rhythm.A1: You Went To My Head. A2: There's Honey On The Moon Tonight. A3: Fair And Square. A4: Shame! Shame!. A5: Tell Me With Your Kisses. B1: I'll Dance At Your Wedding. B2: Come And Get It. B3: Winter Weather. B4: Cash For Your Trash. B5: Up Jumped You With Love.Fats Waller & His Rhythm.UK, 1958.
obr-33t-25cm-al2-12CORALALL TIME DANCE PARTY then and now.PAUL WHITEMAN and the 'New' Ambassador Hotel Orchestra.A1: Whispering. A2: You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do). A3: Avalon. A4: The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else). B1: Japanese Sandman. B2: I Love You. B3: Oh Me, Oh My, Oh You. B4: Chicago.PAUL WHITEMAN and the 'New' Ambassador Hotel Orchestra: -Slide Whistle by Dick Ridgely (A1, A3, B2).USA, 1954.
mpf-33t-25cm-al4-2VOGUEAmbiance Bechet.Sidney Bechet All Stars.A1: That Old Black Magic. A2: Because Of You. A3: Petite Fleur. A4: I Get A Kick Out Of You. B1: Blues. B2: Girls Dance. B3: (It's No) Sin. B4: You're Lucky To Me.Sidney Bechet All Stars.France, 1952.
jpd-33t-25cm-al3-21PathéSurprise-Partie au Palm Beach.Moustache Jazz Seven.A1: When The Saints Go Marching In. A2: Get Happy. A3: Shoe Shine Boy. A4: Blue Moon. B1: Avalon. B2: Coktails For Two. B3: Wabash Blues. B4: Love's Just A Stranger.-Moustache (drums). -Guy Longnon (trompette). -Bernard Zacharias (trombone). -André Ross (saxo-ténor). -Raymond Fol (piano). -Alix Bret (basse). -Anita Love (chant). -Un Known Nobilad (vibraphone).France, 1953.
jpd-33t-25cm-al6-4Jolly RogerJohnny Hodges Featuring Cootie Williams (Volume Two).Johnny Hodges.A1: Chasin' Chippies. A2: Night Song. A3: Black Beauty. A4: Give It Up. B1: Have A Heart. B2: Echoes Of Harlem. B3: Swingin' In The Dell. B4: Dancing On The Stars.Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone: Johnny Hodges, Otto Hardwick. Bass: Billy Taylor (A1-A3), Jimmy Blanton (A4). Clarinet: Barney Bigard. Drums: Sonny Greer. Piano: Duke Ellington. Trombone: Joe Nanton (B1, B2), Lawrence Brown (B3, B4). Trumpet: Cootie Williams.USA, /1952/.