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Audio Collections: Magnetic Tapes (reels and audio cassettes)

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14.0.1216 juillet 2024
Magnetic tapes (reels and cassettes)

About your query and results

It is better to limit yourself to a few keywords rather than fill in the full names of songs or orchestras. An option “Modify the search” is offered to refine your search afterwards. However the search module does not take care of case or accents, cedillas and others, but this is not enough. A good example is the orchestra “Gregor and his Gregorians”, which can be found under the form “Gregor & his Gregorians” or “GREGOR ET SES GREGORIENS”, … it is better to simply search for “Gregor”. In the same way, searching for “Louis Blues” rather than “Saint-Louis Blues”, or “St. Louis-Blues” or any other variation will surely leads to better results.

In the query results, the “Tape_Title” and “Primary_Artist” fields include the information given on the tape. The “Tape_info” fields group together factual data on the object itself (type, duration, condition of the support, …).

The “Tracks” and “Artists” fields give information on the tracks (using A1, A2,… then B1, B2, … for sides A and B of audio cassettes) and, as far as possible, on the artists involced.

The “Tags” fields are reserved for context information. Thus, “Tape_Tags” will indicate, most of the time, the context of the recording (place, date, studio or concert, …).. If more information is available on the pieces of music themselves, it will appear in “Content_Tags” as for example the musical style.