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Fonds M. Pfau, partitions 'recueil', imprimées. Lots spéciaux: did 'didactique'.
CEMJazzIdTitre Rec.Auteur Rec.EditeurInfos_partTags_partTitresAuteursPublics visésNotes
mpf-prec-imp-1-412 Succès de Peter Kreuder. Transcriptions Swing pour Piano Solo avec chiffrage Accordéon.Editions Continental.Format 24,5cm X 31cm, 24 pages agrafées.France, ~1940~.1- Musique, Musique. 2- Le Café de nos Rendez-Vous. 3- Tu es trop belle. 4- Je voudrais connaître tout ça. 5- J'ai vu revenir. 6- Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept. 7- Par une nuit de Mai. 8- C'est Ainsi. 9- Quand le Printemps vient. 10- Aimer et sourire. 11- Hawai, paradis du monde. 12- Les marins savent.Peter Kreuder.Piano, accordéon.
mpf-prec-imp-did1-1Art of the shuffle for Guitar. An Exploration of Shuffle, Boogie and Swing Rhythms.Dave Rubin.Hal Leonard.Format 23cm X 30,5cm, 64 pages agraphées. Vendu avec un CD (absent.) Partitions et tablatures pour guitare, nombreuses photographies, discographie.USA, 1995.Styles: 1: Delta, country and Chicago Blues. 2: Kansas City Blues. 3: Texas Blues. 4: New Orleans Blues. 5: West Coast Blues. 6: Bebop Blues.Guitare.
mpf-prec-imp-1-7Count Basie Boogie-Woogie Blues.Franck Paparelli.Continental Leeds Music Co.Format 23cm X 30,5cm. 24 pages. Photo de Count Basie en couverture.France, 1945.1: Red Wagon. 2: The Dirty Dozens. 3: The Fives. 4: How Long, How Long Blues. 5: Oh! Red. 6: Pianotations.1: Richard M. Jones. 2: J. Mayo Williams, Rufus Perryman. 3: George Thomas, Hersal Thomas. 4: Le Roy Carr. 5: Joe McCoy.Piano.
mpf-prec-imp-1-5Fats Waller's Boogie Woogie Suite for Piano.SIM (Sociéié Intercontinentale de Musique).Format 23cm X 29,5cm, 28 pages agrafées.France, 1946.1- Boogie Woogie Blues. 2- Boogie Woogie Jive. 3- Boogie Woogie Drag. 4- Boogie Woogie Stomp.Fats Waller.Piano.
mpf-prec-imp-1-6Fourth PARAMOUNT PICTURES Song Folio. Arragned for Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Banjo.Famous Music Corporation.Format 23cm X 30,5cm, 48 pages agrafées. Photos des films.USA, /1949/.1- Moon Love. 2- To You. 3- Go Fly a Kite. 4- Still The Bluebird Sings. 5- I Get Along Without You Very Well. 6- Lady's In Love With You (The). 7- Strange Enchantment. 8- A Home In The Clouds. 9- Funny Old Hills (The). 10- Love With A Capital 'You'. 11- Snug As A Bug In A Rug. 12- That Sentimental Sandwuch.Andre Kostelanetz, Mack Davis (1). Tommy Dorsey, Ted Shapiro, Benny Davis (2). James V. Monaco, Johnny Burke (3, 4). Hoagy Carmichaem (5). Burton Lane, Franck Loesser (6). Frederic Hollander, Franck Loesser (7, 12). Bob Henderson, Benny Carter, Kaye Parker (8). Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin (9, 10). Matt Malneck, Franck Loesser (11).Piano chant, ukulele.
mpf-prec-imp-did1-2Jazz Piano Ragtime to Rock Jazz. How to play the Great Jazz Styles.Win Stormen.ARCO.Format 23cm X 30cm, 64 pages, agrafées.USA, 1975.Ragtime: -1 The Entertainer. The Blues: 2- Ol' Levee Blues. 3- Alligator Boogie. 4- When the Saints come Marchin' in. 5- Oh' Didn't he ramble. Swing: 6- Stompin' Out. Be Bop and Modern Jazz: 7- Be Bop's Back In Town. 8- Blue Rain. Rock Jazz: 9- Rock-Jazz Blues. Exercices variés.-Scott Joplin (1). -Win Stormen (2, 3, arr. 4, 6, 7, 8, 9). -W.C. Handy (5).Piano.
mpf-prec-imp-1-1The Dave Brubeck Quartet. Time Out & Time further Out.Charles Hansen II. Music & Books of California Inc.Format 21cm X 28cm, 96 pages, broché.USA, 1962.1: Blue Rondo A La Turk. 2: Strange Meadow Lark. 3: Take Five. 4: Three To Get Ready. 5: Kathy's Waltz. 6: Everybody's Jumpin'. 7: Pick Up Sticks. 8: I's A Raggy Waltz. 9: Bluette. 10: Charles Matthew Hallelujah. 11: Far More Blues. 12: Maori Blues. 13: Unsquare Dance. 14: Bru's Boogie Wiigie. 15: Blue Shadows In The Street.Dave Brubeck.Piano.
mpf-prec-imp-1-8The Leadbelly Songbook. The ballads, blues and folksongs of Huddie Ledbetter.Moses Asch and Alan Lomax.OAK PUBLICATIONS.Format 16cm X 23,5cm. Couverture cartonnée, 96 pages. Contient plusieurs articles sur Leadbelly, une discographie et de nombreuses photographies et illustrations en noir et blanc.USA, 1962. (1ere édition couverture marron, photo de Leadbelly).1: Looky, Looky Yonder. 2: Leavin' Blues. 3: Poor Howard. 4: Backwater Blues. 5: Boll Weevil. 6: Bourgeois Blues. 7: Didn't Old John. 8: Titanic. 9: Ain't It a Shame. 10: There's A Man Goin' 'Round. 11: Takin' Names. 12: Corn Bread Rough (Sukey Jump). 13: Happy Birthday. 14: John Henry. 15: Fannin Street. 16: De Kalb Blues. 17: Look Away In the Heaven. 18: Pretty Flower. 19: Black Girl. 20: Old Riley. 21: Cotton Song. 22: They Hung Him On a Cross. 23: Salty Dog. 24: Borrow Love and Go. 25: Come Along All You Cowboys. 26: Meeting At the Building987: Take This Hammer. 27: Whoa Buck. 28: Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea. 29: Keep your Hands Off. 30: Old Man Will Your Dog Catch a Rabbit?. 31: Go Down Old Hannah. 32: You Can't Lose-a Me Cholly. 33: Gallis (Gallows) Pole. 34: Skip to My Lou. 35: Yellow Gal. 36: Ham and Eggs. 37: Pick A Bale of Cotton. 38: House of the Rising Sun. 39: Green Corn. 40: We Shall Walk Through the Valley. 41: Bring Me A Little Water, Silvy. 42: Christmas Is A-Coming. 43: T.B. Blues. 44: Jailhouse Blues. 45: Good Morning Blues. 46: More Yet. 47: Army Life. 48: Julie Ann Johnson. 49: Hitler Song. 50: Shorty George. 51: Ha-Ha This A-Way. 52: Midnight Special. 53: Stewball. 54: National Defense Blues. 55: Duncan and Brady. 56: Alabama Bound. 57: We Shall Be Free. 58: Haul Away Joe. 59: Pigmeat. 60: On A Monday (Almost Done). 61: Rock Island Line. 62: Ain't You Glad. 63: Little Children's Blues. 64: Black Betty. 65: Don't Sleep Too Long. 66: Can't You Line 'Em?. 67: Jean Harlow. 68: Grey Goose. 69: Easy Rider. 70: Red Bird. 71: Jim Crow Blues. 72: Little Sally Walker. 73: Irene. 74: In the Evening.Chant, guitare.
mpf-prec-imp-1-2The Nasty Blues.Tom Ball.Hal Leonard.Format 23cm X 30,5cm, 80 pages, broché. Nombreuses photographies, reproduction d'affiches et dessins de R. Crumb.USA, 1994.1: Don't Mash My Digger So Deep. 2: Sam, The Hot-Dog Man. 3: She Can Love So Good. 4: I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl. 5: I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted. 6: Send Me A Man. 7: All Around Man. 8: I Must Get Mine In Front. 9: New Rubbin' On The Darned Ol' Thing. 10: Stavin' Chain. 11: I Want My Hands On It. 12: He's Just My Size. 13: Banana In Your Fruit Basket. 14 I'll Keep Sittin' On It. 15: She Skuffles That Ruff. 16: Pussycat Blues. 17: Mothet Fuyer. 18: Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 & 2). 19 Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon. 20 You Stole My Cherry. 21: Please Warn My Weiner?. 22: Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed. 23: Western Rider Blues. 24: One Hour Mama. 25: Crowin' Rooster Blues. 26: You Can't Sleep In My Bed. 27: Let Me Play With Your Poodle. 28: Press My Button (Ring My Bell). 29: My Pencil Won't Write No More.-Bo Carter (1, 7, 13, 21, 29). -Lil Johnson (2, 10, 20, 28). -Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band (3), Tampa Red (27). -Bessie Smith (4, 18). -Washboard Sam (5). -Alberta Hunter (6). -Irene Scruggs (8). -Oscar Chicage Swingers (9). -Big Bill Bronzy (11). -Lillie May Kirkman (12). -Georgia White (14). -Sam Theard (15). -Hannah May (16). -Dirty Red (17). -Charlie Pickett (19). -Monette Moore (22). -Soldier Boy Houston (23). -Ida Cox (24). -Lonnie Johnson (25). -Mary Dixon (26). -Ethel Waters (30).Guitare, chant.
mpf-prec-imp-1-3Time further Out - Brubeck - Jazz Piano.Hansen House Music retailers Inc.Format 21,5cm X 28cm, 48 pages, agrafées.USA, ~1960~.1: I's A Raggy Waltz. 2: Bluette. 3: Charles Matthew Hallelujah. 4: Far More Blues. 5: Maori Blues. 6: Unsquare Dance. 7: Bru's Boogie Wiigie. 8: Blue Shadows In The Street.Dave Brubeck.Piano.