Inventaire Revue: Jazz Forum (UK)

CEMJazzIdTitreGenrePays/EditeurISSNLangueFormatPériodicitéPériode d'éditionCommentaires
101Jazz Forum (UK)Jazz, poetry, literature, and graphic art.UKAnglais (UK)17,5cm X 24,5cmTrimestriel1946 - 1947 (5 numéros).
Collection de la revue 'Jazz Forum', reconstituée à partir des inventaires partiels du fonds Pfau. Cet inventaire comprend les 5 exemplaires parus de la revue. -- Lot--1 (5 items): No 1 à 5, 1946-1947.
cmj-rv-101-1-1Jazz Forum (UK)11er semestre 1946Papier fort. Imprimé en noir. Photographies hors texte (1 page non reliée).-Towards Criteria (part I). Jazz, Clock and Song of our Anxiety. -The Phychology of the Hot Solo. -Jazz, Surrealism and the Doctor. -Delta Jazzmen. -Jazz Abroad (France, Belgium). -Poems. -The peroxyde Saint. -On the Outskirts of Town. -Echoes of Voodoo. -Laughter in Harlem. -Prison. -Johnny Dodds. -Actualité du jazz. -Photographies: Jelly Roll Morton Group; Walter Thomas.
cmj-rv-101-1-2Jazz Forum (UK)2Septembre 1946Papier fort. Imprimé en rouge.-A non-esthetic Basis for Dance. -Podium Pedagogue. -Notes on Jazz and Poetry. -Concerning the Hot Solo. -Letters. -Towards Criteria - part II. -Jazz on the stage. Occupation Blues. The position of Jazz in Australia. -Somes notes on Jazz and Swing in South Africa. -Jazz in India. -Poems. -The fifty Million Stars. -Notes on Life. -Actualité du jazz. -Photographies: Wild Bill Davison - Tony Parenti - Brad Gowans, Tampa Red, Hot Fugue (Bern Porter), Joe Sullivan.
cmj-rv-101-1-3Jazz Forum (UK)3Janvier 1947.Papier fort. Imprimé en rouge.-Random Recollections. The palce of Space and Time in the Dance. -The Claude Hopkins Orchestra. -The Indian People's Theatre. -Poem for the late Jimmy Noone. -The Abandonned. -Jazz in Canada. -Albert Wynn. -The panel of Longing in Beauty and Horror. -Jazz and Society. -Actualité du jazz. -Photographies: Indian People's Theatre, Albert Wynn, Big eye Louis Nelson, Walter Davis, Blind Boy Fuller.
cmj-rv-101-1-4Jazz Forum (UK)4Avril 1947Papier fort. Imprimé en bleu.-Thoughts inspired by one Meat Ball. -The Artistic scene. -Ragtime. -Historic Corner. -Some Reminiscences of Teddy Weatherford. -Jazz and South Africa. -Reflections on Leroy Carr. -Note on the Claude Hopkins Orchestra. -Arts Parallel. -Poems. -Jazz on the west coast. -Actualité du jazz. -Photographies: Jam session, Miff Mole - Phil Napolean, Tommy Ladnier - mezz Mezzrow group.
cmj-rv-101-1-5Jazz Forum (UK)5Automne 1947Papier fort. Imprimé en bleu.-Eldorado: an informal history of the Gennett Co. -Louis Armstrong in Paris. -Chinese Music and Western Listener. -The Redman Band in Holland. -Discography of the Redman Band in Europe. -Lightning Strikes twice. -Jazz in Italy. -Story: This is no Dream. -Actualité du jazz. -Photographies: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington Broadcast, Don Byas - Tyree Glenn Band, Al Hall..