Inventaire OBR-78T-FLEX

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Fonds Olivier Brard disques à aiguille souples (hors 'deco'), tout format. Cet inventaire des disques à aiguille souples, en majorité de dimension 24/25cm et 'taggés' Jazz, pour la plupart. Les labels principaux sont, pour les disques monoface: HIT OF THE WEEK, SEFONO, DURIUM, MP, DANCING et, pour les disques comportant deux faces enregistrées: VIRGINIA, GOODSON, DISCOLUX. Citons aussi quelques Pathé CELLODISC et ULTRAPHONE (bifaces). Attention: certains disques souples figurent dans l'inventaire obr-78t-deco (disques décorés). ---Lot 'pts': 4 items petits formats, disques 'DURIUM Junior' (10.5cm) et 'SEFONO' de 19cm. ---Lots 1, 2 et 3: disques GOODSON, 42 items en trois lots. Unifaces, doublons retirés. ---Lots 4 et 5: disques SEFONO, 25 items en deux lots. Unifaces, doublons retirés. ---Lot 6: disques DURIUM, DANCING et MP, 7 items en un lot. Unifaces, doublons retirés. ---Lot 7: Ultraphone, Pathé Cellodisc, Discolux, 12 items en 1 lot. Bifaces, doublons retirés. ---Lots 8 à 12: HIT OF THE WEEK, 61 items en 5 lots. Unifaces, doublons retirés. ---Lots 13 et 14: Virginia, 21 items en 2 lots, doublons retirés.
obr-78t-flex-6-3DANCINGTous les deux / Dans une Guinguette.Muno Maurice et son Orchestre de la rue de Lappe, vocal Maray.6086
obr-78t-flex-6-4DANCINGLorsque tombe la nuit / Notre amour à nous.Orchestre Muno Maurice de la rue de Lappe, vocal Maray.6088
obr-78t-flex-6-5DANCINGMoi, j'aime mieux la Java / Pourquoi pleures-tu?.Orchestre Muno Maurice de la rue de Lappe, vocal Pol'nud.6108
obr-78t-flex-7-10DISCOLUXCara Piccina.E. Tirmont de l'Opéra Comique.DF 511Reginella.E. Tirmont de l'Opéra Comique.DF 511
obr-78t-flex-7-11DISCOLUXRoses de Picardie.Orchestre Tzigane.DF 517Ver Luisant.Orchestre Symphonique.DF 517
obr-78t-flex-7-12DISCOLUXLe petit chat sur le clavier (Kitten on the Keys).Garcia Badanes.DF 519Symphonola.Garcia Badanes.DF 519
obr-78t-flex-7-6DISCOLUXLes goëlands.Bervyl de l'Empire, Orchestre Musette Pesenti.DV 263Un soir de Noël.Bervyl de l'Empire, Orchestre Musette Pesenti.DV 263
obr-78t-flex-7-7DISCOLUXMon Patelin.Orchestre Jazz Gazon 'King of Melody'.DV 264Marche Presidential Dominicana.Orchestre Jazz Gazon 'King of Melody'.DV 264
obr-78t-flex-7-8DISCOLUXFaust.Orchestre Jazz, dir. Madoulaud.DV 270Tannhauser.Orchestre Jazz, dir. Madoulaud.DV 270
obr-78t-flex-7-9DISCOLUXReine de Musette.Accordéon Pesenti.DV 271Poupée de Carton.Accordéon Pesenti.DV 271
obr-78t-flex-6-2DURIUMIn a Shanty in Ols Shanty Town / This is My Move Song.Durium Dance Band.EN 32
obr-78t-flex-6-1DURIUMGood Night Little Girl, Good Night / I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg.Durium Dance Band.EN-15
obr-78t-flex-pt-1DURIUMI Found a Million Dollar Baby.JACK PARKER AND TRIO.N-25
obr-78t-flex-1-1aGOODSONLet's Pretend.Pennsylvania Melody Syncopaters.101Just A Night For Meditation.Marathon Dance Orchestra.101
obr-78t-flex-1-2aGOODSONI'll Make Up Your Mind.Pennsylvania Melody Syncopaters.102She's The Sweetheart Of Six Other Guys.Jack Kaufman.102
obr-78t-flex-1-3aGOODSONRamona.Lou Gold's Orchestra.103Let's Try It Again.Marathon Dance Orchestra.103
obr-78t-flex-1-4aGOODSONHello! Montreal.Fred Hall and his Orchestra.104They All Stare At My Girt.Marathon Dance Orchestra.104
obr-78t-flex-1-5aGOODSONLook At Me Now.Marathon Dance Orchestra.106There Must Be a Silver Lining.Lou Gold's Orchestra.106
obr-78t-flex-1-6aGOODSONOn A Moonlight Night.Fred Hall And His Orchestra.112After All My Dreams.California Melody Orchestra.112
obr-78t-flex-1-7aGOODSONLa Paloma.Non renseigné.114Constantine.Fred Hall and his Orchestra.114
obr-78t-flex-1-8aGOODSONCountess Maritza.Italian Dance Orchestra.116When we're apart.Pennsylvania Melody Makers.116
obr-78t-flex-1-10aGOODSONIs She My Girlfriend?.The Top Notchers.118Dancing with my Baby.George Beaver.118
obr-78t-flex-1-11aGOODSONI Scream For Ice Cream.The Top Notchers.119Let's Make Whoopee.Jack Kaufman.119
obr-78t-flex-1-12aGOODSONSleeping Birds.Three Radio Stars.127Orange Blossom Time.Olympic Dance Orchestra.127
obr-78t-flex-1-13aGOODSONBig City Blues.Memphis Jazzers.131Rest Nest.Metropolitan Dance Orchestra.131
obr-78t-flex-1-14aGOODSONWalking With Susie.Broadway Merry Makers.132You And I.University Syncopators.132
obr-78t-flex-1-15aGOODSONI'm In Seventh Heaven.Olympic Dance Orchestra.134Smile And The World Smiles With You.Dixie Rag Pickers.134
obr-78t-flex-2-1aGOODSONWhen My Dreams Come True.Bay State Syncopators.135When We're Apart.Pennsylvania Melody Makers.135
obr-78t-flex-2-2aGOODSONNever Mind.Moonlight Revellers.136Heigho! Everybody.Dixie Rag Pickers.136
obr-78t-flex-2-3aGOODSONGood Girl.Three Radio Stars.138I Can't Sleep In The Movies Any More.Broadway Merry Makers.138
obr-78t-flex-2-4aGOODSONMy Song of The Nile.Metropolitan Dance Orchestra.139Dancing With My Baby.George Beaver.139
obr-78t-flex-2-5aGOODSONLa Golondria (The Swallow).Hartez Rio Orchestra.150Evangeline.Astoria Dance Band.150
obr-78t-flex-2-6aGOODSONLittle Darlin' (It's You).Harmony Syncopators.152If I Had A Talking Picture Of You.Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra.152
obr-78t-flex-2-7aGOODSONA Little Lady.Big City Dance Orchestra.154Sweetheart We Need Each Other.Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra.154
obr-78t-flex-2-8aGOODSONTip Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me.Astoria Dance Players.155Painting The Clouds With Sunshine.Manhattan Syncopators.155
obr-78t-flex-2-9aGOODSONWow-Wow Blues.Memphis Jazzers.156Lonely Troubadour.Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra.156
obr-78t-flex-2-10aGOODSONTurkey In The Straw.Wabash Trio.157Arkansas Traveller.Wabash Trio.157
obr-78t-flex-2-11aGOODSONCall Of The Wild.Memphis Jazzers.159Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere).Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra.159
obr-78t-flex-2-12aGOODSONHave I Loved Wisely.Universal Syncopators.160Chant Of The Jungle.Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra.160
obr-78t-flex-2-13aGOODSONHumpty Dumpty Baby.Arthur Fields Accompanied By His Windjammers.162Smiling Irish Eyes.Jerry White.162
obr-78t-flex-2-13GOODSONAin't Misbehavin'.Dixie Rag Pickers.165Hot Moments.All Star Players.165
obr-78t-flex-2-14GOODSONBroadway Melody.Broadway Merrymakers.168Absolutely Marvellous.University Syncopators.168
obr-78t-flex-2-15GOODSONLouise.University Syncopators.169Chinese Rose.Crystal Dawn Players.169
obr-78t-flex-3-1GOODSONTip Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me.C. A. J. Parmentier.171My Heart Belongs To Me.Jimmy Granato And His Orchestra.171
obr-78t-flex-3-2GOODSONLady Luck.Olympic Dance Orchestra.172Singin' In The Bath Tub.University Syncopators.172
obr-78t-flex-3-3GOODSONNever Gwine to Ramble no More.Bill Black.174The Railroad Boomer.Frank Luther and Ed. Faber.174
obr-78t-flex-3-4GOODSONMy Love Parade.Pebble Beach Syncopators.175Dreams.Four Melodics.175
obr-78t-flex-3-5GOODSONI'll Be Reminded Of You.Metropolitan Dance Players.177A Love Nest For Two.Four Melodiacs.177
obr-78t-flex-3-6GOODSONSome Baby.Ginger Ale And His Sparklers.179Happy Days Are Here Again.All Star Troubadours.179
obr-78t-flex-3-7GOODSONSteppin' Along.Dixie Rag Pickers.180Dreary Nights.Harmony Syncopators.180
obr-78t-flex-3-8GOODSONMy Sweeter Than Sweet.The Jazzopators.181You're Gonna Be Mine.Big Town Jazzers.181
obr-78t-flex-3-9GOODSONSleepy Hollow.Merry Collegians.184Needin' You.Ginger Ale and His Sparklers.184
obr-78t-flex-3-10GOODSONWith You.Bar Harbor Orchestra.192Puttin' On The Ritz.All Star Troubadours.192
obr-78t-flex-3-11GOODSONDixie Rag Pickers.Ha! Ha! Ha! Where Is Toby?.195Cosmopolitan Dance Players.Under A Texas Moon.195
obr-78t-flex-3-12GOODSONRio Rita.Majectic Dance Orchestra.197The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me.Olympic Dance Orchestra.197
obr-78t-flex-8-1HIT OF THE WEEKI'm Following You.Ben Pollack Orchestra.1026
obr-78t-flex-8-2HIT OF THE WEEKSing You Sinners.Harlem Hot Chocolates.1045
obr-78t-flex-8-3HIT OF THE WEEKDancing With Tears In My Eyes.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra.1075
obr-78t-flex-8-4HIT OF THE WEEKCheer Up Good Times Are Comin'.Phil Spitalny's Music.1076
obr-78t-flex-8-5HIT OF THE WEEKSinging A Song To The Stars.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1080
obr-78t-flex-8-6HIT OF THE WEEKJust A Little Closer.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1084
obr-78t-flex-8-9HIT OF THE WEEKBye Bye Blues.Bert Lown And His Hotel Biltmore Music.1090
obr-78t-flex-8-10HIT OF THE WEEKWhat's The Use.Phil Spitalny's Music.1094
obr-78t-flex-8-11HIT OF THE WEEKA Medley of Canadian Songs.Phil Spitalny's Music.1096
obr-78t-flex-8-12HIT OF THE WEEKMy Baby Just Cares For Me.Ted Fio-Rito's Orchestra.1104
obr-78t-flex-8-13HIT OF THE WEEKMy Bluebird Was Caught In The Rain.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1106
obr-78t-flex-8-14HIT OF THE WEEKMoonlight On The Colorado.Dick Robertson And His Collegians.1107
obr-78t-flex-8-15HIT OF THE WEEKIf I Could Be With You One Hour To-Night.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1111
obr-78t-flex-12-6HIT OF THE WEEKThree Little Words.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1112
obr-78t-flex-9-1HIT OF THE WEEKMaybe It's Love.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1116
obr-78t-flex-9-2HIT OF THE WEEKSweetheart Of My Student Days trot.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1117
obr-78t-flex-9-3HIT OF THE WEEKThe Little Things In Life.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1118
obr-78t-flex-9-4HIT OF THE WEEKCheerful Little Earful.Vincent Lopez Orchestra.1120
obr-78t-flex-9-5HIT OF THE WEEKYou're Driving Me Crazy.The New York Twelve.1121
obr-78t-flex-9-6HIT OF THE WEEKYou're Driving Me Crazy.The New York Twelve.1121
obr-78t-flex-9-7HIT OF THE WEEKSweet Jennie Lee!.Reser's Radio Band.1122
obr-78t-flex-9-8HIT OF THE WEEKCrying Myself To Sleep.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1124
obr-78t-flex-9-9HIT OF THE WEEKSomething To Remember You By.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1125
obr-78t-flex-9-10HIT OF THE WEEKBlue Again.Benrus Radio Orchestra.1126
obr-78t-flex-9-11HIT OF THE WEEKWhen Your Hair Has Turned To Silver.Phil Spitalny's Music.1132
obr-78t-flex-9-12HIT OF THE WEEKReaching For The Moon.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1133
obr-78t-flex-9-13HIT OF THE WEEKOvernight.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1134
obr-78t-flex-9-14HIT OF THE WEEKThe King's Horses.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1135
obr-78t-flex-9-15HIT OF THE WEEKHello! Beautiful!.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1136
obr-78t-flex-10-1HIT OF THE WEEKNinety-Nine Out Of A Hundred.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1137
obr-78t-flex-10-2HIT OF THE WEEKTears.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1142
obr-78t-flex-10-3HIT OF THE WEEKYou'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1143
obr-78t-flex-10-4HIT OF THE WEEKWhistling In The Dark.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1144
obr-78t-flex-10-5HIT OF THE WEEKI Surrender, Dear.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1145
obr-78t-flex-10-6HIT OF THE WEEKWere You Sincere.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1148
obr-78t-flex-10-7HIT OF THE WEEKBy My Side.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1150
obr-78t-flex-10-8HIT OF THE WEEKI'm Thru With Love.Don Voorhees Orchestra.1154
obr-78t-flex-10-9HIT OF THE WEEKRoll On, Mississippi, Roll On.Maxwell House Orchestra.1155
obr-78t-flex-10-10HIT OF THE WEEKWhen The Moon Comes Over The Mountain.Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble.1157
obr-78t-flex-10-11HIT OF THE WEEKJust One More Chance.Hit-Of-The-Week Orchestra, dir. Bert Hirsch.1158
obr-78t-flex-11-1HIT OF THE WEEKWhen It's Sleepy Time Down South / Sailing.Phil Spitalny's Music, vocal Helen Rowland.A-1-2
obr-78t-flex-11-2HIT OF THE WEEKNow's The Time To Fall In Love / After The Ball.Phil Spitalny's Music.A-2-3
obr-78t-flex-11-3HIT OF THE WEEKHome.Rudy Vallee With His Connecticut Yankees.A-3-4
obr-78t-flex-11-4HIT OF THE WEEKBy The Sycamore Tree.Rudy Vallee With His Connecticut Yankees.B-1-2
obr-78t-flex-11-5HIT OF THE WEEKSave the Last Dance for Me / Ida.Erno Rapee's Orchestra Featuring Paul Small .B-2-3
obr-78t-flex-11-6HIT OF THE WEEKThis Is The Mrs. / The Merry Widow Waltz.Erno Rapee's Orchestra Featuring Paul Small.B-4-C-1
obr-78t-flex-11-7HIT OF THE WEEKWas That The Human Thing To Do.Rudy Vallee.C-1-2
obr-78t-flex-11-8HIT OF THE WEEKThe Wooden Soldier / The China Doll.Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees.C-3-4
obr-78t-flex-11-9HIT OF THE WEEKAuf Wiedersehen, My Dear / Marta.Phil Spitalny's Music.C-5-D-1
obr-78t-flex-11-10HIT OF THE WEEKLet's Have Another Cup O' Coffee / Strangers.Phil Spitalny's Music.D-3-4
obr-78t-flex-11-11HIT OF THE WEEKDream Sweetheart / Soft Lights & Sweet Music.Morton Downey And Orchestra.E-1-2
obr-78t-flex-11-12HIT OF THE WEEKBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea / Happy Go Lucky You and Broken Heartes Me.Ralph Kirbery And Orchestra.E-3-4
obr-78t-flex-11-13HIT OF THE WEEKLawd, You Made The Night Too Long / Sharing.Andy Sannella And His Orchestra, vocal Ralph Lirbery.F-2-3
obr-78t-flex-11-14HIT OF THE WEEKLullaby Of The Leaves / Betty Boop.Phil Spitalny's Music.F-3-4
obr-78t-flex-11-15HIT OF THE WEEKI Apologize / Fight For California.Phil Spitalny's Orchestra.K-4
obr-78t-flex-12-1HIT OF THE WEEKSweet And Lovely / Notre Dame 'Victory March'.Phil Spitalny's Orchestra.K-5
obr-78t-flex-12-2HIT OF THE WEEKI'm Just A Dancing Sweetheart / As T' Backs Go Tearing By.Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra, vocal Ben alley.L-1
obr-78t-flex-12-3HIT OF THE WEEKCall Me Darling / Comin' Thro' The Rye.Freddie Rich's Radio Orchestra Featuring Paul Small.M-3
obr-78t-flex-12-4HIT OF THE WEEKA Faded Summer Love.Rudy Vallee With His Connecticut Yankees.M-4-5.
obr-78t-flex-12-5HIT OF THE WEEKRiver, Stay 'Way From My Door And Some Of These Days.Erno Rapee's Orchestra, vocal Helen Rowland.M-5-A-1
obr-78t-flex-6-6MPLittle White Lies.Voncent Lopez Orchestra.1088
obr-78t-flex-6-7MPLittle Girl.Freedie Rich's Radio Orchestra.J-4
obr-78t-flex-7-2PathéEVANGELINE.Freddie Rich and his Orchestra.PARADE D'AMOUR.Robert Burnier du Théatre Marigny.
obr-78t-flex-7-3PathéIls étaient en pyjama.Saint granier du Casino de Paris.C 3756Nina... Nini... Ninon.Saint granier du Casino de Paris.C 3756
obr-78t-flex-7-4PathéChant of the Jungle.Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra.C 6309You've Got That Thing.Harry Reser's Orchestra.C 6309
obr-78t-flex-7-5PathéSomebody Mighty Like You.Sam Lanin and his Orchestra.C 6327Miss Wonderful.House Orchestra.C 6327
obr-78t-flex-pt-4SEFONOTHE MAN FROM HARLEM.HERIBERTO et son Orchestre de la Coupole Montparnasse.12710 (F 145)Face non enregistrée.
obr-78t-flex-pt-3SEFONOHOT MILK.Grand Orchestre de Jazz Symphonique SEFONO.12718 (F 204)Face non enregistrée.
obr-78t-flex-5-5SEFONOJ'ai révé qu'on me disait ou-ou je t'aime / Ici l'on pêche.Orchestre P. Chevalier, vocal Colette Fleury.6046
obr-78t-flex-5-6SEFONOC'est peu de chose / J'ai révé d'une fleur.Orchestre P. Chevalier, vocal Colette Fleury.6047
obr-78t-flex-5-7SEFONOMais... quand on s'aime / Au bord de l'eau.Orchestre P. Durel, voval André Pasdoc (A1, A2) et Gine Mareze (A2).6051
obr-78t-flex-5-8SEFONOValse de minuit / Valse de midi.Orchestre d'accordéons dirigé par me Maestro Malatesta.6069
obr-78t-flex-5-9SEFONONuits d'Espagne / La Chienne.Orchestre Muno Maurice de la rue de Lappe, vocal Pol'nud.6110
obr-78t-flex-4-1SEFONOWhen It's Sleepy Time Down South / Sailing.Orchestre Phil Spitalny's.A-1-2
obr-78t-flex-4-2SEFONOAll of Me / Good Night Ladies.Nick Lucas et ses Troubadours.A-4-B-1
obr-78t-flex-4-3SEFONOSave the Last Dance for Me / Ida.Orchestre Erno Rapee's.B-2-3
obr-78t-flex-4-4SEFONOWas That The Human Thing To Do?.Connecticut Yankees, vocal Rudy Vallee.C-1-2
obr-78t-flex-4-5SEFONOBy the Fireside / Lovable.Non renseignéD-1-2
obr-78t-flex-4-6SEFONOLet's Have Another Cup O' Coffee / Strangers.Musique de Phil Spitaly's.D-3-4
obr-78t-flex-5-10SEFONOParadise / Love, You Funny Thing.Musique de Phil Spitaly's.D-4-E-1
obr-78t-flex-4-7SEFONODream Sweetheart / Soft Lights and Sweet Music.Morton Downey et son Orchestre.E-1-2
obr-78t-flex-4-8SEFONOMy Mom / I'm So Alone With The Crowd.Orchestre Morton Downey.E-2-3
obr-78t-flex-4-9SEFONOBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea / Happy Go Lucky You and Broken Heartes Me.Orchestre Ralph Kiebery.E-3-4
obr-78t-flex-4-10SEFONOSinging a New Song / My Extraordinary Girl.Non renseigné.E-4-F-1
obr-78t-flex-4-11SEFONOIt's The Girl / Pardon Me Pretty Baby.Musique de Phil Spitaly's.EN-3
obr-78t-flex-4-12SEFONOI'm Keeping Company / I wanna Sing About You.Orchestre Jack Norman's.EN-5
obr-78t-flex-4-13SEFONOLove Letters in The Sand / College Medley.Orchestre Sam Lanin's.K-3
obr-78t-flex-4-14SEFONOI'm Just a Dancing Sweetheart / As the Backs Go Tearing by Darmouth.Orchestre de Radio Freddie Rich's, vocal Ben Alley.L-1
obr-78t-flex-4-15SEFONOGuilty / She'll be Coming Round the Mountain.Orchestre Phil Spitalny's, vocal Paul Sisters.L-2
obr-78t-flex-5-1SEFONONow That's You're Gone / La Paloma.Orchestre Hit of the Week, vocal Gene Austin.L-3
obr-78t-flex-5-2SEFONOShine on Harvest Moon / Oh Susanna!.Orchestre Phil Spitalny's, vocal Helen Rowland.L-4
obr-78t-flex-5-3SEFONOGood Night Sweetheart / In The Sahde of The Old Apple Tree.Musique de Phil Spitaly's.M-1
obr-78t-flex-5-4SEFONORiver Stay Way From My Dor / Some of These Days.Orchestre Erno Rapee's.M-5-A-1
obr-78t-flex-7-1ULTRAPHONEMefie-toi bien des mots d'amour.Orchestre dir. Leon Kartun, accordéon Melle Tony Rico.AP 1253Je m'sens nerveux.Orchestre dir. Leon Kartun, accordéon Melle Tony Rico.AP 1253
obr-78t-flex-13-4VirginiaA Little Kiss Each Morning.Vincent Lopez et son Orchestre.101 AI'm a Dreamer Aren't we all.Orchestre Olympique.101 A
obr-78t-flex-13-6VirginiaRio Rita.Orchestre Olympique.102 DParade d'Amour.Peble Beach Orchestra.102 D
obr-78t-flex-13-3VirginiaWHY.Astoria Dance Players.106 DHOT MOMENTS.All Star Trio.106 D
obr-78t-flex-13-7VirginiaScotchie.Broadway Merrymakers.108 EIf I Can't Have You.Metropolitan Dance Orchestra.108 E
obr-78t-flex-13-8VirginiaDreams.The Four Melodiacs.112 BDream Boy.Dixie Rag Pickers.112 B
obr-78t-flex-13-9VirginiaChanson Païenne.Jerry White.114 DAccordéon.Magnanti.114 B
obr-78t-flex-13-10VirginiaDuello Criollo.Orchestre Argentin C. Bégliero.125 XTartamundo.Orchestre Argentin C. Bégliero.125 X
obr-78t-flex-13-11VirginiaCastigadas.Orchestre Argentin C. Bégliero, chanté par Armando Dello Monica.126 EIlusion de Amor.Orchestre Argentin C. Bégliero.126 E
obr-78t-flex-13-13VirginiaJe me suis réveillé à temps.M. Fournier.143 ELa famille Kinkenpois.M. Fournier.143 E
obr-78t-flex-13-12VirginiaL'amour de ma vie.Orch. R. Pesenti, Py, Ariotto.145 EManhattan.Orch. R. Pesenti, Py, Ariotto.145 E
obr-78t-flex-13-1VirginiaFaust (arrang. Fox trot).Orchestre Jazz Virginia.151 ETannhäuser (arrang. Fox trot).Orchestre Jazz Virginia.151 E
obr-78t-flex-13-14VirginiaJ'ai deux amours.Orchestre Virginia dir. Marcel Madoulaud, chanté par Berthe Delny de la Gaité Lyrique.178 ETout est permis quand on rêve.Orchestre Virginia dir. Marcel Madoulaud, chanté par Berthe Delny de la Gaité Lyrique.178 E
obr-78t-flex-13-2VirginiaRosalie... est partie.Orchestre Virginia, dir. Marcel Madoulaud. Chanté par M. Darcelys.183 EC'est pour mon papa.Orchestre Virginia, dir. Marcel Madoulaud. Chanté par M. Darcelys.183 E
obr-78t-flex-13-15VirginiaNine, valsons.M. Darcelys de l'Empire.190 ELa valse des cols bleus.M. Darcelys de l'Empire.190 E
obr-78t-flex-14-1VirginiaWhat.Orchestre musette René Pesenti.211 ERadieuse.Orchestre musette René Pesenti.211 E
obr-78t-flex-14-2VirginiaBaby.Kind of Melody. Chanté par Janin et Jackson.243Chérie.Kind of Melody. Chanté par Janin et Jackson.243
obr-78t-flex-13-5VirginiaCoup de Chaleur (Hot notes).Orchjestre Bembara de l'exposition coloniale.244 WCoup de Siroco (St James Infirmary).Orchjestre Bembara de l'exposition coloniale.244 W
obr-78t-flex-14-3VirginiaLes Papillons de Nuit.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.268 ETout doucement.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.268 E
obr-78t-flex-14-4VirginiaLes Goëlands.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.269 XUn soir de Noël.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.269 E
obr-78t-flex-14-5VirginiaLa Route de Louviers.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.270 ELa Fille de Gennevilliers.Orchestre musette Virginia, dir. René Pesenti. Chanté par M. Bervyl de l'Empire.270 E
obr-78t-flex-14-6VirginiaEnvoi de fleurs.Orchestre Musette Virginia. Chanté par M. Maray des Folies Bergères.285 EPetite brunette aux yeux doux.Orchestre Musette Virginia. Chanté par M. Maray des Folies Bergères.285 E