Inventaire MPF-45T-17CM

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Fonds Michel Pfau, disques microsillon 45 tours 17cm. Beaucoup de disques des années 50 et 60, du blues, du piano, mais aussi funk et rhythm & blues. Quelques labels moins courants AFAJNO, Clef Records, RIVERSIDE, Stateside, Storyville, etc. à explorer!
mpf-45t-17cm-6-2ABC PARAMOUNTHIP 2Ray Charles avec Betty Cater.Ray Charles, Betty Cater.A1: Baby It's Cold Outside. A2: Just You, Just Me. B1: You And I. B2: Takes Two To Tango.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-10ATLANTIC584206Aretha Franklin.Aretha Franklin.A1: Say A Little Prayer. B1: See-Saw.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-11ATLANTIC650062Aretha Franklin.Aretha Franklin.A1: Baby I Love You. B1: Going Down Slow.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-12ATLANTIC650113Aretha Franklin.Aretha Franklin.A1: The House That Jack Built. B1: I Say A Little Prayer.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-13ATLANTIC750028Aretha Franklin.Aretha Franklin.A1: Respect. A2: Soul Serenade. B1: Save Me. B2: Good Times.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-4ATLANTIC232005BLUE FUNK.Milt Jackson & Ray Charles.A1: Cosmic Ray. B1: Blue Funk.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-5ATLANTIC212055Ray Charles.Ray Charles.A1: The Sun's Gonna Shine Again. A2: Nobody Cares. B1: Mess Around. B2: Get On The Right Track Baby.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-6ATLANTIC650078Ray Charles.Ray Charles.A1: Come Rain or Come Chine. B1: Tellme You'll Wait For Me.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-17ATLANTIC232030MJQ - Modern Jazz Quartet.The Modern Jazz Quartet.A1: Spanish Steps. B1: Harlequin.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-16ATLANTIC212070MJQ.The Modern Jazz Quartet.A1: Winter Tale. B1: Yesterdays.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-19ATLANTIC232031MJQ.The Modern Jazz Quartet.A1: Piazza Navona. B1: Pulcinella.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-18ATLANTICATL EP 80 006The Modern Jazz Quartet at Music Inn.The Modern Jazz Quartet.A1: Yardbird Suite. B1: Midsömmer.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-17ATLANTIC45 2011Wilbur De Paris and his Band.Wilbur De Paris and his Band.A1: Petite Fleur. B1: Over And Over Again.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-19Aladdin45 3400Lloyd Glenn and Band.Lloyd Glenn and Band.A1: Hyde Park. B1:Love For Sale.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-13Angel RecordsANG 73011Jonah Wails (first blast part 2).Jonah Jones, Dave Pochonet.A1: Perdido (1st part). B1: Perdido (2nd Part).
mpf-45t-17cm-5-14Angel RecordsANG 73013Jonah Wails (second wind part 2).Jonah Jones, Dave Pochonet.A1: Jonah Meets Dave (1st Part). B1: Jonah Meets Dave (2nd Part).
mpf-45t-17cm-3-18BLUE STARBEP 12004Lionel Hampton and his all stars with Mess Mezzrow.Lionel Hampton, Mess Mezzrow.A1: Crazy Hamp. A2: Crazy Hamp, solo de batterie. B1: Mezz And The Hamp.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-22BLUE STARGEP 12525 (MERCURY EP 108)Oscar Peterson Plays Irving Berlin.Oscar Peterson.A1: Alexander's Ragtime Band. A2: Say It Isn't So . B1: How Deep Is The Ocean. B2: Always.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-17BLUE STARGEP 12592Interpretations By The Stan Getz Quintet No 3.The Stan Getz Quintet.A1: Minor Blues. B1: Tangerine.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-10BOURBON STREET RECORDSBSR 888Bougalee Bob's Dixiecats.Bougalee Bob's Dixiecats.A1: Thank God For The U. S. A. B1: Satchmo And His Golden Horn.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-17BUDDAH RECORDS201048Oh Happy Day.The Edwin Hawkins Singers.A1: Oh Happy Day. B1: Jesus, Lover Of My Soul.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-23BrunswickOE 9161Alabama Jug Band.Alabama Jug Band.A1: The Jazz Me Blues. A2: I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate. B1: Gulf Coast Blues. B2: Crazy Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-2BrunswickOE 9325Albert Ammons and his Rhythm Kings.Albert Ammons and his Rhythm Kings.A1: Boogie Woogie Stomp. A2: Nagasaki. B1: Early Mornin' Blues. B2: Mile-Or-Mo Bird Rag.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-24Brunswick10 308Chick Webb And His Orchestra With Ella Fitzgerald.Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald.A1: Who Ya Hunchin'. A2: Azure. B1: Gotta Pebble In My Shoe. B2: Sweet Sue, Just You.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-25Brunswick10 163Ella and Chick Webb - Volume 1.Chick Webb, Ella Fitzgerald.A1: Undecided. A2: Ella. B1: A-Tisket, A-Tasket. B2: I Found My Yellow Basket.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-3Brunswick10 1281934.Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra.A1: Down South Camp Meetin'. A2: Wild Party. B1: Wrappin' It Up. B2: Hotter Than 'ell.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-15Brunswick55 250Jackie Wilson.Jackie Wilson.A1: Baby Get It (And Don't Quit It). B1: The New Breed.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-24Brunswick10 309Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra.Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra.A1: Avalon. A2: Sweet Sue - Just You. B1: For Dancers Only. B2: Annie Laurie.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-4Brunswick10 353This Is The Blues Vol. 3.Lonnie Johnson.A1: Mr. Johnson Swing. A2: Laplegged Drunk Again. B1: Got The Blues For The Westend. B2: Swing Out Rhythm.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-16Brunswick55 318Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Northern Boulevard Blues. B1: Daydream.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-14Brunswick10 147good old satchmo - volume 1.Louis Armstrong.A1: Swing That Music. A2: Lyin' To Myself. B1: Thankful. B2: Ev'ntide.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-15Brunswick10 151good old satchmo - volume 2.Louis Armstrong.A1: West End Blues. A2: Save It Pretty Mama. B1: Mahogany Hall Stomp. B2: Dippermouth Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-21Brunswick10 622Mezzrow - Ladnier.Mezz Mezzrow, Tommy Ladnier.A1: Stop It Joe. A2: My Man Jumped Salty On Me. B1: Double Crossin' Papa. B2: I'm Tired Of Fattening Frogs For Snakes.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-20Brunswick10 602Pete Johnson and his Orchestra.Pete Johnson and his Orchestra.A1: 627 Stomp. A2: Piney Brown Blues. B1: South. B2: Lafayette.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-8Brunswick10 169Sidney Bechet 1938.Sidney 'Pops' Bechet with Noble Sissle Swingsters.A1: Viper Mad. A2: Sweet Patootie. B1: Blackstick. B2: When The Sun Sets Down South.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-4CADET5580Ray Bryant.Ray Bryant.A1: Little Suzie. B1: City Tribal Dance.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-24CBSEP 5596Criss-Cross.Thelonious Monk.A1: Hackensack. A2: Crepuscule With Nellie. B1: Think Of One.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-23CDICDI 2017S. REMO 1968.Louis Armstrong.A1: Mi va di cantare. B1: Grassa e bella.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-1CID12 X 60 MDizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, Stan Getz, Oscar Pettiford.Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, Stan Getz, Oscar Pettiford.A1: Oriental Cello Blues. A2: Cavu. B1: Bewitches. B2: Dizzy Atmosphere.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-22COLUMBIASEG 7684Metro Jazz.Bill Coleman and his Orchestra.A1: Them There Eyes. A2: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. B1: Wrap Your Troubles In My Dreams. B2: Metro Jazz.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-15COLUMBIAB 1678Erroll Garner.Erroll Garner.A1: Lullaby of Birdland. B1: Memories of You.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-16COLUMBIAB 2533Erroll Garner.Erroll Garner.A1: Lullaby Of Birdland. B1: Robbins' Nest. B2: How High The Moon - From 'Two For The Show'.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-25COLUMBIAB 1611Boogie Woogie.Harry James, Pete Johnson, Albert Ammons, Frankie Carle, Will Bradley.A1: Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar). A2: Carle Boogie. B1: Boo-Woo. B2: Woo-Woo.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-6COLUMBIASEGZ 2037Piano Solo.Henri Chaix.A1: Besame Mucho. A2: Rock Pile Blues. B1: Call Of The Freaks. B2: Rippling Waters.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-17COLUMBIA4-40711Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars.Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars.A1: Six Foot Four. B1: The Faithful Hussar.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-22CONTINENTALCR 1001The Night Before Christmas.Louis Armstrong.A1: The Night Before Christmas. B1: When The Saints Go Marching In.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-2CORALEPC 94 210Pionneers of Jazz 10 - Alabama Washboard Stompers 1931.Alabama Washboard Stompers.A1: Pigmeat Stomp. A2: Who Stole The Lock. B1: Pepper Steak. B2: You Can Depend On Me.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-15CORAL94610Cozy Cole.Cozy Cole.A1: North Beach. A2: Christopher Columbus. B1: Ol Man Moze. B2: A Cozy Beat.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-1CORALEPC 94 213Pionneers of Jazz 13 - Jimmie Noone 1928/1929.Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra.A1: It's Tight Like That. A2: My Daddy Rocks Me. B1: Oh, Sister Ain't That Hot. B2: King Joe.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-13CORALEPC 94 028Chicago Jazz Classics - Historic Recordings Of The Twenties.Louis Armstrong.A1: Santa Claus Blues. A2: Stomp Off, Let's Go. B1: Georgia Bo Bo. B2: Melancholy.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-11CORALECV 18027Connaissance du Jazz Vol. 1 - Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Wild Man Blues. A2: Melancholy. B1: Georgia Bo Bo. B2: Drop That Sack.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-13CapitolEBF 440 (1)Premiered By Ellington.Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra.A1: My Old Flame. A2: Three Little Words. B1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love. B2: Liza.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-14CapitolEBF 440 (2)Premiered By Ellington.Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra.A1: Flamingo. A2: Stardust. B1: Stormy Weather. B2: Cocktails For Two.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-5CapitolEAP 1 1053Frank Sinatra sings for Only hhe Lonely.Frank Sinatra.A1: Only The Lonely. B1: Blues In The Night.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-11CapitolF3634Milt Buckner and his Music.Milt Buckner and his Music.A1: Second Section. B1: Dinner Date.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-12CapitolF3424Milt Buckner.Milt Buckner.A1: Hey Now, Zorina!. B1: The Late Late Show.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-2CapitolEAP 1 1115Jonah Jumps Again.The Jonah Jones Quartet.A1: Pennies From Heaven. A2: Ballin' The Jack. B1: I'm In The Market For You. B2: Any Time.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-22Clef Records89101X45The Count Basie Sextet.Count Basie.A1: Basie Beat. B1:Count's Organ Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-17Clef RecordsEP 296The Lionel Hampton Quintet Album 3.Lionel Hampton Quintet.A1: These Foolish Things (Part I). B2: These Foolish Things (Part II).
mpf-45t-17cm-3-21Clef RecordsEP 232Oscar Peterson Plays Pretty No. 2.Oscar Peterson.A1: I'll Remember April. A2: Lullaby Of The Leaves. B1: September In The Rain. B2: On The Alamo.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-18DECCA9-28524Louis Armstrong and Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra and Chorus.Louis Armstrong and Gordon Jenkins.A1: Chlo-E 3:02. B1: Listen To The Mocking Bird.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-19DECCA9-28076Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time). A2: Indian Love Call.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-20DECCA9-28704Louis Armstrong.Louis Armstrong.A1: April In Portugal. B1: Ramona.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-24Disques PARADELDP 5012Louis Armstrong joue à New-York.Louis Armstrong et son Orchestre / Don Byas et son Orchestre.A1: Royale Garden Blues. A2: King Porter Stomp. B1: You're Lucky To Me. B2: Live And Love Tonite.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-4Ducretet Thomson460 V 768Les Haricots Rouges.Les Haricots Rouges.A1: The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde. A2: Mama Inez. B1: Une Bière pour la Saint Valentin. B2: Your Mother Should Know.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-25EmArcyEP 1 6037The Earl and the Count.Earl Hines, Count Basie.A1: Destination K.C. A2: 6 Cats And A Prince. B1: Father Cooperates. B2: Thru For The Night.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-12FESTIVALEVY 45 7003 SJo Jones Trio.Jo Jones Trio.A1: Philadelphia Bound. A2: Sweet Georgia Brown. B1: Close Your Eyes. B2: Little Susie.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-20FINE ART Records201Sippie Wallace.Sippie Wallace.A1: Junior, My Little Parakeet. B1: Mother Nature Is The Cause Of It All.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-6Fontana462 033 TEThe Legendary Bix Beiderbecke, Vol. 3 - Whiteman Days.Bix Beiderbecke.A1: Baby Won't You Please Come Home. A2: Bless You! Sister. B1: Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now. B2: Take Your Tomorrow.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-7Fontana462 024 TEEdmond Hall In Buenos Aires.Edmond Hall.A1: Sweet Georgia Brown. A2: `S Wonderful. B1: You Made Me Love You. B2: Sting On The Wings.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-6FontanaTFE 17028Frank Sinatra - Pearl Bailey - Harry James.Frank Sinatra - Pearl Bailey - Harry James.A1: Castle Rock. A2: Farewell, Farewell To Love. B1: A Little Learnin' Is A Dang'rous Thing.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-1GOOD TIME JAZZEP 1002Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band.Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band.A1: Blues For Jimmy Noone. B1: Saint Louis Blues. B2: Ory's Boogie.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-23HIS MASTER'S VOICE7 EG 8039King Oliver & his Orchestra.King Oliver & his Orchestra.A1: Call Off The Freaks. A2: Mule Faced Blues. B1: The Trumpet's Prayer. B2: Boogie Woogie.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-19JazzologyJEP 5Tony Parenti and his Downtown Boys.Tony Parenti and his Downtown Boys.A1: Railroad Man. B1: Eccentric Rag.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-12KAPPKEV 13001Hello Dolly.Louis Armstrong.A1: Hello Dolly. A2: A Lot Of Livin' To Do. B1: Someday. B2: It's Been A Long, Long Time.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-9KING45 6239Bill Doggett.Bill Doggett.A1: Honky Tonk Popcorn. B1: Honky Tonk.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-18KING45 5842James Brown and The Famous Flames.James Brown and The Famous Flames.A1: Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 1) 2:58. B1: Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 2).
mpf-45t-17cm-2-19KING45 6020James Brown and The Famous Flames.James Brown and The Famous Flames.A1: Lost Someone. A2: I'll Go Crazy.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-3LA VOCE DEL PADRONE7 MQ 1622Ray Charles E La Sua Orchestra.Ray Charles et son orchestre.A1: Hit The Road Jack. B1: The Danger Zone.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-3LA VOIX DE SON MAITREEGF 1013Boris Vian instrumentiste avec l'Orchestre de Claude Abadie.Boris Vian avec l'Orchestre de Claude Abadie.A1: Muskrat Ramble. A2: Tin Roof Blues. B1: Jazz Me Blues. B2: I've Found A New Baby.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-12LA VOIX DE SON MAITREEGF 650Django Reinhardt et le Quintette Du H.C.F.Django Reinhardt et le Quintette Du H.C.F.A1: Nuages. A2: Echoes Of Spain. B1: Sweet Chorus. B2: Minor Swing.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-10LA VOIX DE SON MAITREEMF 310Django guitare Solo 'Inédits'.Django Reinhardt.A1: Belleville. B1: Nuages.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-11LA VOIX DE SON MAITREEMF 310Django guitare Solo 'Inédits'.Django Reinhardt.A1: Belleville. B1: Nuages.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-16LA VOIX DE SON MAITRE7 GF 134Duke Ellington and his Rhythm / and his Orchestra.Duke Ellington and his Rhythm / and his Orchestra.A1: Jumpin' Room Only. B1: A' Gathering In A Clearing.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-23LA VOIX DE SON MAITRE7 EMF 123Fats A Londres.Fats Waller.A1: A Tisket, A Tasket. A2: All God's Children Got Wings. B1: The Flat Foot Floogee. B2: Deep River.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-8LIBERTY15 090Canned Heat.Canned Heat.A1 On The Road Again. B2: World In A Jug.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-13Liverpool RecordMR 288Wiit Weg.The Saints Jazz Band Zürich.A1: Wiit Weg. B1: Royal Garden Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-16MELODISCEPM 7-80'Baby' Dodds – Drum Solos.'Baby' Dodds.A1: Maryland, My Maryland. A2: Tom Tom Workout. B1: Spooky Drums. B2: Rudiments With Drumstick Nervebeat.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-14MercuryMEP 14126 (EP 1 6084)Variations.Erroll Garner.A1: Part-Time Blues. A2: Rosalie. B1: In A Mellow Tone. B2: All Of A Sudden.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-25Mercury127 155 MCFSo Long, Dearie.Louis Armstrong.A1: So Long, Dearie. B1: Pretty Little Missy.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-22MercuryMEP 14072Images.Sarah Vaughan.A1: Lover Man. A2: Shulie A Bop. B1: Polka Dots and Moonbeams. B2: Body And Soul.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-21MercuryMEP 14131Lullaby Of Birdland.Sarah Vaughan.A1: Lullaby Of Birdland. B1: September Song.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-20MercuryEP 1 6000 (MEP 1407)Prelude To A Kiss.Sarah Vaughan.A1: They Can't Take That Away. A2: Prelude To A Kiss. B1: You Hit The Spot. B2: If I Knew Then.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-2ODEONSOE 3625Bill Doggett.Bill Doggett.A1: Ocean Liner. A2: The Madison. B1: Shuu. B2: The Eagle Speaks.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-18Oldies 45OL 164Roy Milton.Roy Milton.A1: Driveway Blues. B1: I'm Forgettin' About You.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-10PARLOPHONEGEP 8567The Progressive Piano of Mary Lou Williams.Mary Lou Williams.A1: I'm In The Mood For Love. A2: Bye Bye Blues. B1: Willow Weep For Me. B2: Moon Glow.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-23PHILIPS429 615 BEJazz Gallery.Billie Holiday.A1: How Could You. A2: This Year's Kiss. B1: Who Wants Love?. B2: He Ain't Got Rhythm.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-5PHILIPS436 008 A-JEEddie Condon 1933.Eddie Condon.A1: The Eel. A2: Home Cooking. B1: Madame Dynamite. B2: Tennessee Twilight.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-3PHILIPS422 869 PEHenri Chaix – Plays The Greats.Henri Chaix.A1: Wild Cat Blues. A2: After You've Gone. B1: Jeepers Creepers. B2: Georgia On My Mind.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-4PHILIPS339420 QFNEW-ORLEANS TUNES (1).Henri Chaix.A1: Muskrat Ramble / Ballin The Jack/ Jelly Roll. B1: Hallelujah.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-21PHILIPS6073 700 1We Shall Overcome.Louis Armstrong and his Friends.A1: We Shall Overcome. B1: We Shall Overcome.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-18PHILIPSB 322 348 FMahalia Jackson.Mahalia Jackson.A1: When The Saints Go Marching In. B1: Didn't It Rain.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-5PHILIPS422 856 PEJazz Avec L'Orchestre Henri Chaix.Orchestre Henri Chaix.A1: The Way She Walks. A2: Goin' Out The Back Way. B1: Wrappin' It Up. B2: Rip On The Joint.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-1PRESIDENTPRC 65HONKY TONK number three.Bill Doggett.A1: On the Sunny Side of the Street. A2: Honky Tonky Number One. B1: Hippy Dippy. B2: Flying Home.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-7RCA75 743 SBarney Bigard With Small Ellington Group.Barney Bigard With Small Ellington Group.A1: 'C' Blues. A2: Noir Bleu. B1: Brown Suede. B2: June.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-9RCA86 376 MCecil Scott & His Bright Boys / Cecil Scott & His Orchestra.Cecil Scott & His Bright Boys / Cecil Scott & His Orchestra.A1: Bright Boy Blues. A2: Lawd, Lawd. B1: Springfield Stomp. B2: In A Corner.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-15RCA86 229Duke Ellington et son Orchestre.Duke Ellington et son Orchestre.A1: Caravan. A2: Solitude. B1: Mood Indigo. B2: Sophisticated Lady.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-24RCA75 593Visages Du Jazz No 5.Fats Waller.A1: Ain't Misbehavin'. B1: Moppin' And Boppin'.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-6RCA75 710 SLouis Armstrong And His Orchestra, 1932-1933.Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra.A1: You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born. A2: Honey Do. B1: Swing You Cats. B2: Honey, Don't You Love Me Any More.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-8RCA86 349 MMills Blue Rhythm Band (1933-34).Mills Blue Rhythm Band.A1: Break It Down. A2: Harlem After Midnight. B1: The Growl. B2: The Stuff Is Here.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-21RCA7EG 8125Richard M. Jones Plays The Blues.Richard Jones And His Jazz Wizards.A1: Jazzin' Babies Blues. A2: Boar Hog Blues. B1: Novelty Blues. B2: Tickle Britches Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-1-10RCA86 418 MRobert Petway (1941).Robert Petway.A1: Catfish Blues. A2: Ride 'Em On Down. B1: Rockin' Chair Blues. B2: My Little Girl.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-20RCA VICTORWEJ-10The RCA Victor Encyclopedia Of Recorded Jazz: Album 10 - Ori To Rus.Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Kid Ory - Jimmy Rushing - Pee Wee Russell.A1: Livery Stable Blues. A2: Mahogany Hall Stomp. B1: Your Red Wagon. B2: Hello Lola.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-10RIVERSIDEREP 3255Giants Meeting.Blue Mitchell and Wynton Kelly.A1: I'll Close My Eyes. B1: When I Fall In Love.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-9RIVERSIDEREP 3225Cannonball Adderley And Bill Evans.Cannonball Adderley, Bill Evans.A1: Waltz For Debby. B1: Who Cares?.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-9RIVERSIDEREP 3252Giants Meeting.Clark Terry and Thelonious Monk.A1: In Orbit. B1: Argentina.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-21RIVERSIDEREP 129Clark Terry.Clark Terry.A1: C-jam Blues. A2: Take The 'A' Train. B1: Cotton Tail.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-1RIVERSIDEEP 122Coleman Hawkins Meets J.J. Johnson.Coleman Hawkins, J.J. Johnson.A1: Chant. B1: Blue Lights.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-12RIVERSIDEREP 136FREEDON SUITE.Sonny Rollins.A1: Freedom Suite Pt. 1. B1: Freedom Suite Pt. 2.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-11RIVERSIDEREP 127QUARTETS.Sonny Rollins.A1: Cutie. B1: Funky Hotel Blues.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-25RIVERSIDEEP 119The Music of Thelonious Monk - Brilliant Corners.Thelonious Monk Quintet.A1: Brilliant Corners (Part 1). B1: Brilliant Corners (Part 2).
mpf-45t-17cm-2-16ROULETTE45 VR 195007Shawn Elliott.Shawn Elliott.A1: Shame And Scandal In The Family. B1: My Girl.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-14RepriseRV 20192Fats Domino.Fats Domino.A1: Lovely Rita. B1: I' Ready.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-7RepriseRVEP 60 089Strangers In The Night.Frank Sinatra.A1: Strangers In The Night. A2: September Song. B1: Nancy. B2: The September Of My Years.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-13SAVOYXP 8007Piano Solos, with rythm Vol. 1.Erroll Garner.A1: Laura. A2: Red Sails In The Sunset. B1: Undecided. B2: I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-3SAVOYXP 8016Tenor Sax Solos - Vol. 1.Lester Young.A1: Blue Lester. A2: Ding Dong. B1: June Bug. B2: I Don't Stand a Ghost Of A Chance.
mpf-45t-17cm-2-3SUE RECORDS Inc.125Ray Bryant.Ray Bryant.A1: GOLDFINGER. B1: ADALIA.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-9StatesideFSS 580Eleanor Rigby.Ray Charles.A1: Eleanor Rigby. B1: I Won't Leave.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-7StatesideFSS 561In the Heat of the Night.Ray Charles.A1: In The Heat Of The Night. B1: Here We Go Again.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-8StatesideFSS 579The Sun Died 'Il Est Mort Le Soleil'.Ray Charles.A1: The Sun Died (Il est mort le Soleil). B1: Understanding.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-8StoryvilleSEP 383Big Bill Broonzy.Big Bill Broonzy.A1: Willie Mae. A2: John Henry. B1: Diggin' My Potatoes. B2: 16 Tons.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-8StoryvilleSEP 361George Lewis.George Lewis.A1: Till We Meet Again. A2: George Lewis Talks. B1: Should I Reveal. B2: Darkness On The Delta.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-11StoryvilleA 45088Jack Dupree.Jack Dupree.A1: Sportin' Life Blues. B1: Drive 'Em Down Special.
mpf-45t-17cm-4-7StoryvilleSEP 385Boogie Woogie and the Blues.Memphis Slim.A1: Good Rockin'. A2: Blues Confession. B1: Boogie Woogie. B2: Worried All The Time.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-6Trianon4360 ETSSidney Bechet.Sidney Bechet and his Orchestra.A1: Festival Blues. A2: Indiana. B1: Sugar. B2: Coquette.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-14VEGAV 45 P 1893Une Parisienne, Crolla - Rostaing - Hodeir.Henri Crolla, Christiane Legrand.A1: Paris B. B. A2: La Parisienne. B1: Valse du Roi. B2: Duo du Balcon.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-19VERSAILLES90 M 122Lionel Hampton – à L'Olympia Vol. 1.Lionel Hampton.A1: One O'Clock Jump. A2: Panama. B1: Drums Fight. B2: Perdido.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-20VERSAILLES90 M 139Lionel Hampton – à L'Olympia Vol. 2.Lionel Hampton.A1: The Rice. A2: Blues One. B1: Flying At The Olympia.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-9VOGUEEPL 7728Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France avec Stéphane Grappelly.Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelly.A1: Ol' Man River. A2: I Love You. B1: Swing Guitars. B2: R - Vingt-Six.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-5VOGUEPOX 33Don Byas et ses Rythmes - '4 slows'.Don Byas.A1: Just A Gigolo (C'est mon gigolo). A2: On The Sunny Side Of The Street. B1: Tenderly. B2: Lover Man.
mpf-45t-17cm-3-4VOGUEEPL 7146Don Byas et son Saxo Ténor – Vol. 2.Don Byas.A1: Sincerely. A2: Burt’s Pad. B1: I Can’t Get Started. B2: Just One Of Those Things.
mpf-45t-17cm-5-7VOGUEEPL 8315Les Disques D'Or De La Danse.Sidney Bechet.A1: Petite Fleur. A2: Dans les Rues d'Antibes. B1: Les Oignons. B2: Si tu vois ma Mère.
mpf-45t-17cm-6-15Verve26134Bill Evans.Bill Evans.A1: 'Round Midnight. B1: How About You. B2: Blue Monk.