Inventaire MPF-33T-17CM

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Fonds Michel Pfau, disques microsillon 33 tours de 17cm. Les disques 33 tours des années 50-60 sont peu courants dans cette dimension. Ici, nous avons trois labels: Guilde du Jazz, Jazztone et FLAME.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-4FLAMEPV 171Blues And Boogie Woogie.Sammy Price.A1: Eiffel Tower. A2: Montparnasse. A3: Good Paree. B1: Frenchy's Blues. B2: Sammy's Boogie. B3: Low Down Blues.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-2Guilde du JazzJ 731Count Basie's Men.Count Basie's Men.A1: Franky and Johnny. B1: Jumpin' At The Woodside.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-1Guilde du JazzJ 715Ruby Braff All-Stars.Ruby Braff All-Stars.A1: Ruby's Dream. A2: Only A Blues. B1: 'Deed I Do. B2: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-7JazztoneJAZ 701Art Tatum Trio.Art Tatum Trio.A1: Flying Home. A2: On The Sunny Side Of The Street. B1: The Man I Love. B2: I Know That You Know.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-5JazztoneJAZ 702Charlie Parker Septet.Charlie Parker Septet.A1: A Night In Tunisia. A2: Moose The Mooche. A3: Ornithology. B1: Relaxin' At Camarillo. B2: Cheers. B3: Carvin' The Bird.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-3JazztoneJ 708Coleman Hawkins Quartet.Coleman Hawkins Quartet.A1: Undecided. A2: Ain't Misbehavin'. B1: Cheek To Cheek.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-8JazztoneJAZ 723The Fabulous Lionel Hampton.Lionel Hampton.A1: Dark Eyes. A2: Lionel Choo-Choo. B1: Romeo's Gone Now.
mpf-33t-17cm-al1-6JazztoneJAZ 703Rex Stewart and his Dixieland Jazz Band.Rex Stewart and his Dixieland Jazz Band.A1: Wolverine Blues. A2: South Rampart Street Parade. B1: High Society. B2: That's A Plenty.