Inventaire JPD-33T-30CM

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Fonds Jean-Pierre Daubresse, disques microsillon 33 tours de 30cm (ou 12 inches). Sous inventaires: -al 'album' (avec interprète principal), -cp 'compilation'. -rcabb: collection transverse label RCA série Bluebird.
jpd-33t-30cm-cp1-1Extreme RaritiesLP 1004Hot Jazz On Film - Volume 2.CompilationA1: Falling Star. A2: Memphis Blues. A3: Nagasaki. A4: I Know That You Know. A5: Loveless Love. A6: No Baby Or Never. A7: Airmail Special. A8: Jubilee: B1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love. B2: Goin' To Chicago. B3: Mop Mop. B4: Chelsea Bridge. B5: C Jam Blues. B6: Pagan Love Song.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-8RCAFXM1 7323Big Joe Williams.Big Joe Williams.A1: I Know You Gonna Miss Me. A2: Rootin' Ground Hog. A3: Brother James. A4: I Won't Be In Hard Luck No More. A5: Crawlin' King Snake. A6: I'm Getting Wild About Her. A7: Peach Orchard Mama. A8: Meet Me Around The Corner. B1: Please Don't Go. B2: Highway 49. B3: Someday Baby. B4: Break'em On Down. B5: Drop Down Blues. B6: Somebody's Been Worryin'. B7: Wanita. B8: Vitamin A.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-1RCAFXM1 7203'Sonny Boy' Williamson Vol.1.John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson.A1: Good For Nothing Blues. A2: Thinking My Blues Away. A3: Life Time Blues. A4: Miss Ida Lee. A5: Springtime Blues. A6: Coal And Iceman Blues. A7: Drink On Little Girl. A8: Mattie Mae Blues. B1: Jivin' The Blues. B2: I Been Dealing With The Devil. B3: War Time Blues. B4: Train Fare Blues. B5: Decoration Day Blues No 2. B6: Early In The Morning No 2. B7: Welfare Store Blues. B8: My Little Machine.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-15RCAPM 42049'Sonny Boy' Williamson Vol.2.John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson.A1: T.B. Blues. A2: New Jailhouse Blues. A3: Million Years Blues. A4: Shady Grove Blues. A5: My Black Name Blues. A6: Love Me Baby. A7: What's Gettin' Wrong With You?. A8: Come On Baby And Take A Walk. B1: Early In The Morning. B2: The Big Boat. B3: Stop Breaking Down. B4: You're An Old Lady. B5: Sonny Boy's Cold Chills. B6: Wonderful Time. B7: Willow Tree Blues. B8: Blues About My Baby.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-13RCAPM 42390Lonnie Johnson.Lonnie Johnson.A1: Why Women Go Wrong. A2: She's Only A Woman. A3: Trust Your Husband. A4: Four-O-Three Blues. A5: Don't Be No Fool. A6: Get Yourself Together. A7: That's Love Blues. A8: Somebody's Got To Go. B1: Lazy Woman Blues. B2: Chicago Blues. B3: I Did All I Could. B4: From 20 To 44. B5: The Last Call. B6: Fly Right Baby. B7: Baby Remember Me. B8: He's A Jelly Roll Baker.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-2RCAFXM1 7204Big Maceo Vol. 1.Major Merriweather 'Big Maceo'.A1: Ramblin' Mind Blues. A2: Can't You Read. A3: So Long Baby. A4: It's All Up To You. A5: Bye Bye Baby Blue. A6: Poor Kelly Blues. A7: Some Sweet Day. A8: My Last Go Round. B1: Kidman Blues. B2: I'm So Worried. B3: Things Have Changed. B4: My Own Toubles. B5: Come On Home. B6: Won't Be A Fool No More. B7: If You Ever Change Your Ways. B8: It's All Over Now.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-4RCAFXM1 7218Big Maceo Vol.2.Major Merriweather 'Big Maceo'.A1: Chicago Breakdown. A2: I Got The Blues. A3: County Jail Blues. A4: Why Should I Hang Around. A5: Texas Stomp. A6: Anytime For You. A7: Maceo's 32/20. A8: Since You Been Gone. B1: Worried Life Blues. B2: Winter Time Blues. B4: Big Road Blues. B4: Broke And Hungry Blues. B5: Detroit Jump. B6: I Lost My Little Woman. B7: Texas Blues. B8: Tuff Luck Blues.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-3RCAFXM1 7215Memphis Slim.Memphis Slim (Peter Chatman).A1: Beer Drinking Woman. A2: Grinder Man Blues. A3: Empty Room Blues. A4: I See My Great Mistake. A5: You Didn't Mean Me No Good. A6: Me, Myself And I. A7: Maybe I'll Lend You A Dime. A8: Old Taylor. B1: Lend Me Your Love. B2: Whiskey And Gin Blues. B3: You Gonna Worry Too. B4: Caught The Old Coon At Last. B5: Two Of A Kind. B6: Jasper's Gal. B7: I Believe I'll Settle Down. B8: You Got Help Me Some.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-7RCAFXM1 7297Washboard Sam Vol. 1.Robert 'Washboard' Sam Brown.A1: Warehouse Blues. A2: Booker T. Blues. A3: This Is My Time. A4: Block And Tackle. A5: How Can I Play Fair. A6: She Fooled Me. A7: Come On Back. A8: Every Tub Stands On His Own Bottom. B1: She's Making A Fool Out Of Me. B2: I'm Not The Lad. B3: Flyin' Crow Blues. B4: Brown And Yellow Women Blues. B5: I've Been Treated Wrong. B6: Evil Blues. B7: Lover's Lane Blues. B8: How Can You Love Me.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-10RCAPM 42028Roosevelt Sykes (From Willie Kelly (1930) To The Honeydripper (1948)).Roosevelt Sykes.A1: 32-20 Blues. A2: Give Me Your Change. A3: Side Door Blues. A4: Big Time Woman. A5: Thanksgivin' Blues. A6: I Done You Wrong. A7: Sad & Lonely Day. A8: New 44 Blues. B1: Southern Blues. B2: Sunny Road. B3: Sneakin' & Dodgin'. B4: Mama, Mama. B5: Walkin' And Drinkin'. B6: Anytime Is The Right Time. B7: High Price Blues. B8: He's Just A Gravy Train.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-11RCAPM 42029Tampa Red Vol. 1.Tampa Red.A1: King Fish Blues. A2: Grievin' And Worryin' Blues. A3: Witchin' Hour Blues. A4: My Gal Is Gone. A5: When The One You Love Is Gone. A6: Delta Woman Blues. A7: Deceitful Friend Blues. A8: Travel On. B1: Why Should I Care?. B2: Got To Leave My Woman. B3: Anna Lou Blues. B4: It's A Low Down Shame. B5: So Far So Good. B6: My First Love Blues. B7: I Can't Get Along With You. B8: When Things Go Wrong With You.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-12RCAPM 42040Tommy McClennan (Mississippi Blues).Tommy McClennan.A1: New 'Shake 'Em On Down'. A2: Cotton Patch Blues. A3: Baby Please Don't Tell On Me. A4: My Baby's Gone. A5: It's Hard To Be Lonesome. A6: Katy Mae Blues. A7: Love With A Feeling. A8: Des'e My Blues. B1: Classy Mae Blues. B2: Travellin' Highway Man. B3: I'm A Guitar King. B4: Mozelle Blues. B5: Blues Trip Me This Morning. B6: Mr So And So Blues. B7: Blues As I Can Be. B8: Bluebird Blues.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-9RCAFXM1 7330Walter Davis.Walter Davis.A1: Sweet Sixteen. A2: Sad And Lonesome Blues. A3: Let Me In Your Saddle. A4: Don't You Want To Go?. A5: One Sweet Letter From You. A6: Frisco Blues. A7: Teasin' Brown Skin. A8: I Feel All Right. B1: Just One More Time. B2: Things Ain't What They Used To Be. B3: Oh! Me, Oh! My, Blues. B4: It's Been So Long. B5: New B & O Blues. B6: Biddle Street Blues. B7: Goodbye. B8: Hello Baby.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-14RCAPM 42050Casey Bill Weldon (Hawaiian Guitar Wizard).William 'Casey Bill' Weldon.A1: My Stove Don't Work. A2: Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door. A3: Long Eared Mule. A4: Somebody's Been Talking To You. A5: Howlin' Dog Blues. A6: Your Wagon's Worn Out Now. A7: I Got A Letter This Morning. A8: I'm A Stranger In Your Town. B1: Blues Everywhere I Go. B2: Somebody's Got To Go. B3: Casey Blues. B4: I'se Just A Bad Luck Man. B5: Midnight Blues. B6: Way Down In Louisiana. B7: I Believe You're Cheatin' On Me. B8: You Gotta Do Your Duty.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-6RCAFXM1 7275'Big Bill' Broonzy.William Lee Conley 'Big Bill' Broonzy.A1: Friendless Blues. A2: Mississippi River Blues. A3: Hungry Man Blues. A4: I'll Be Back Home Again. A5: Starvation Blues. A6: Serve It To Me Right. A7: Milk Cow Blues. A8: Bull Cow Blues. B1: Southern Blues. B2: I Want To Go Home. B3: At The Break Of Day. B4: Mountain Blues. B5: I'm Just A Bum. B6: The Sun Gonna Shine In My Door Someday. B7: Down The Line Blues. B8: Good Jelly.
jpd-33t-30cm-rcabb-5RCAFXM1 7231'Jazz' Gillum Vol.1.William McLinley 'Jazz' Gillum.A1: She Belong To Me. A2: Key To The Highway. A3: No Friend Blues. A4: From Now On. A5: Reckless Rider Blues. A6: All In All Blues. A7: Look On Yonder Blues. A8: Long Razor Blues. B1: I'm Gonna Train My Baby. B2: Can't Trust Myself. B3: I'm Not The Lad. B4: The Blues What Am. B5: Gonna Take My Rap. B6: You Got To Run Me Down. B7: Country Woman Blues. B8: Jazz Gillum's Blues.
jpd-33t-30cm-al1-1SwingSW 8408Jonah Jones With Dave Pochonet & His All Stars - Volume One.Jonah Jones With Dave Pochonet & His All Stars.A1: Honeysuckle Rose. A2: Dave's Delight. A3: Black And Blue. A4: Thinkin' Of Inez. A5: Perdido. B1: Barbecue For Jonah . B2: Stars Fell On Alabama. B3: Swingin' For Mary. B4: Jonah Plays The Blues.
jpd-33t-30cm-al1-2Verve2317 095Cat House Piano.Meade Lux Lewis.A1: The Pittsburg Flyer. A2: Dragon Blues. A3: Jabouti. A4: Torpedo Juice. B1: 629 Boogie. B2: San Francisco Shuffle. B3: Joe Prein's Boogie. B4: Meade's Mambo.