Inventaire FSQ-BMAG-K7

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Fonds Francis Quétier, bandes magnétiques, cassettes.
fsq-bmag-k7-1-1Cassette C60 Hitachi Low NoiseROYAL TENCOPATORS au Petit JournalROYAL TENCOPATORSA1: When I Take A2: Congo love song A3: I can(t get A4: Sweet like this A5: In my dreams B1: Mister Jelly Lord B2: Charleston B3: High Society B4: Doctor Jazz
fsq-bmag-k7-1-2Cassette C90 TDK High Bias, niveaux bas et irréguliersROYAL TENCOPATORS à OrsayROYAL TENCOPATORSA1: Wa-Wa-Wa A2: Claps hands here comes Charlie A3: Baby won't you please come home A4: In my dreams A5: Congo love song A6: Charleston A7: Goodaam's Blues A8: I Got rhythm B1: The continental B2: Saint Louis Blues B3: I'M Crazy about my baby B4: Cheerful little earful B5: In the mood B6: Drop me off in Harlem B7: Rockin' in rhythm B8: Le vieux château
fsq-bmag-k7-1-3Cassette C60 BASF normal BIAS Fe, copie de bandes magnétiques grand formatROYAL TENCOPATORS au JAZZ BAND BALLROYAL TENCOPATORSA1: In my dreams, I'm jealous of you A2: St James Infirmary A3: Sa petite valise à la main A4: Dancing with tears in my eyes A5: Why put the blame on you A6: Charleston South Carolina A7: Ain't Misbehavin' A8: Temcopators Stomp A9: Diga Diga Doo B1: Sweem Emmalina B2: Claps hands here comes Charlie B3: East St Louis Toodle Oo B4: Diga Diga Doo B5: La Da Da DA
fsq-bmag-k7-1-4Cassette C90 Pyral/SprintROYAL TENCOPATORS - Taverne des Champs - Louvier.ROYAL TENCOPATORSTaverne des Champs: A1: Diga diga doo. A2: Tain't Nobody Biznes. A3: Washboard Wiggles. A4: Sweet Emmalina. A5: Sweet like this. A6: Sa petite valse. A7: Baby won't you. A8 Wa-Wa Wa. A9 Money Blues. A10: Dancing with T. A11: Temcopators St. B1: Zulu Wail. B2: When I Take. B9: In my Dreams. B10: Mister Jelly Lord. Festival de Louviers: B3: When I Take. B4: Money Blues. B5: Congo Love Song. B6: Wa-Wa Wa. B7: St James. B8: In my Dreams