Inventaire CLG-33T-25CM

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Fonds Claude Guyot, disques microsillon 33 tours 25cm. Inventaire en cours.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-8BLUE NOTE5041The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 2.Bud Powell.A1: Reets And I. A2: Autumn In New York. A3: I Want To Be Happy. A4: Sure Thing. B1: Glass Enclosure. B2: Collard Greens And Black-Eye Peas. B3: Polka Dots And Moonbeams. B4: Audrey.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-7BLUE NOTELP 5003The Amazing Bud Powell.Bud Powell.A1: Un Poco Loco. A2: Over The Rainbow. A3: Ornithology. A4: Wail. B1: A Night In Tunisia. B2: It Could Happen To You. B3: You Go To My Head. B4: Bouncing With Bud.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-6COLUMBIACL 6073Duke Ellington's Liberian Suite.Duke Ellington And His Orchestra.A1: I Like The Sunrise. A2: Dance No. 1. A3: Dance No. 2. B1: Dance No. 3. B2: Dance No. 4. B3: Dance No. 5.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-11COLUMBIACL 6259Erroll Garner Plays For Dancing.Erroll Garner.A1: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. A2: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man. A3: Stompin' At The Savoy. B1: Sweet Sue - Just You. B2: Cheek To Cheek. B3: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-3COLUMBIACK 2520Caressin' The Keys.Frankie Carle.A1: Margie. A2: The Glow-Worm. A3: Prelude In C-Sharp Minor. B1: Sweet Sue - Just You. B2: Barcarolle. B3: Honeysuckle Rose.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-2DECCADL 5068The Stardust Road.Hoagy Carmichael .A1: Hong Kong Blues. A2: Star Dust. A3: Rockin' Chair. A4: Riverboat Shuffle. B1: The Old Music Master. B2: Judy. B3: Washboard Blues. B4: Little Old Lady.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-9DECCADL 5297Moonglow.Lionel Hampton And His Sextet.A1: Moonglow. A2: Penthouse Serenade. A3: The Man I Love. A4: You Go To My Head. B1: Easy To Love. B2: Memories Of You. B3: Time On My Hands. B4: I'll Remember April.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-16MGM RECORDSF1 MGM 124Sonny Rollins At Music Inn.Sonny Rollins.A1 Doxy. A2 Limehouse Blues. B1 I'll Follow My Secret Heart. B2 You Are Too Beautiful.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-19PHILIPSP 07 837 REarl Hines.Earl Hines.A1: My Monday Date. A2: I Ain't Got Nobody. A3: Love Me Tonight. A4: Caution Blues. A5: 57 Varieties. B1: You Can Depend on Me. B2: These Foolish Things. B3: Rosetta. B4: ' Deed I Do. B5: I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-12PHILIPSP 07 823 RErroll Garner.Erroll Garner.A1: Girl Of My Dreams. A2: But Not For Me. A3 :Full Moon And Empty Arms. A4: Ol' Man River. B1: Passing Through. B2: Time On My Hands. B3: The Way Back Blues. B4: Alexander's Ragtime Band.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-17PILPULPIL 9100Duke Ellington- Piano solo.Duke Ellington.A1: Symphonie pour un Monde Meilleur (Extraits). B1: Introduction. B2: It Don't Mean A Thing. B3: Satin Doll. B4: Solitude. B5: Don't Get Around Much Anymore. B6: Mood Indigo. B7: I'm Beginning To See The Light. B8: Sophisticated Lady. B9: Caravan.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-13RCARC 24004'Fats' 1938-42.Fats Waller & His Rhythm.A1: You Went To My Head. A2: There's Honey On The Moon Tonight. A3: Fair And Square. A4: Shame! Shame!. A5: Tell Me With Your Kisses. B1: I'll Dance At Your Wedding. B2: Come And Get It. B3: Winter Weather. B4: Cash For Your Trash. B5: Up Jumped You With Love.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-20RCA130.278Fats Waller & His Rhythm.Fats Waller & His Rhythm.A1: I Wish I Were Twins. A2: Armful O'Sweetness. A3: Georgia May. A4: Don't Let it Bother You. B1: Serenade for a Wealthy Widow. B2: Sweetie Pie. B3: Let's Pretend There's a Moon. B4: You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-14RCA130 206 SFats Waller And His Rhythm - Vol. 1.Fats Waller And His Rhythm.A1: The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me. A2: One In A Million. A3: Who's Afraid Of Love. A4: Why Do I Lie To Myself About You. B1: Boo Hoo. B2: The Love Bug Will Bite You. B3: S'Posin'. B4: Spring Cleaning.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-15RCA130 208 SFats Waller And His Rhythm - Vol. 2.Fats Waller And His Rhythm.A1: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie. A2: You're Not The Kind. A3: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry. A4: When Love Is Young. B1: Nero. B2: Please Keep Me In Your Dreams. B3: Big Chief De Sota. B4: Havin' A Ball.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-5RCA VICTORLPM 3024Top Pops.Frankie Carle.A1: Any Time. A2: Please Mr. Sun. A3: Wheel Of Fortune. A4: Blue Tango. B1: Until. B2: Be My Life’s Companion. B3: Tulips And Heather. B4: Tell Me Why.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-10SAVOYMG 15000Erroll Garner Playing Piano Solos.Erroll Garner.A1: Undecided. A2: Red Sails In The Sunset. A3: I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me. A4: Stompin' At The Savoy. B1: I Only Have Eyes For You. B2: September Song. B3: Yesterdays. B4: All The Things You Are.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-18Sans label (not on label)DAV RM 299 - DAV RM 300Duke Ellington.Duke Ellington.DAV RM 299 A1: Just you, just me. A2: Downbeat Shuffle. A3: Esquire Swank. A4: Metronome all Out. DAV RM 300 B1: Body ans Soul. B2: My Honey's Lovin' Arms B3: The Suburnanite.
clg-33t-25cm-al1-4VOGUEDVM 90 016Dansons Joyeusement Avec Marino Marini Quartette.Marino Marini et son Quartette.A1: Il Mazzo Di Mammole. A2: Don Ciccio'o Piscatore. A3: Miguel. A4: Sophia. A5: Casanova. B1: Stu Mambo Cha Cha Cha. B2: Maruzzella. B3: Bella, O'padrone Sa Venne. B4: Buongiorno Tristezza. B5: Oho Aha (Ciao).
clg-33t-25cm-al1-1VOGUELD 060Bechet, Luter - Pleyel Jazz Concert - Vol. 1.Sidney Bechet, Claude Luter.A1: Les Oignons. A2: St. Louis Blues. A3: September Song. B1: Muskrat Ramble. B2: Frankie And Johnny. B3: Maryland.