Retro 30s party: The Oldmasters

The label TOM “The Old Masters” was managed by George Morrrow, specialist in sound restoration. In the early 1970s, it offered reissues in limited editions of recordings of Jazz orchestras from the 1920s and 30s. A selection of 100% Jazz LPs indexed in the CEMJazz DataBase.

cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-41TOMDanny Polo And His Swing Stars – 1937 - 1939.Danny Polo And His Swing Stars.A1: China Boy. A2: More Than Somewhat. A3: Mozeltov. A4: Montmartre Moan. A5: Doing The Gorgonzola. A6: Blue Murder. A7: Don't Try Your Jive On Me. A8: That's A - Plenty. B1: Jazz Me Blues. B2: If You Were The Only Girl In The World. B3: Stratton Street Strut. B4: You Made Me Love You. B5: Montparnasse Jump. B6: Mr. Polo Takes A Solo. B7: Money For Jam B8: Polo-Naise..Danny Polo And His Swing Stars, featuring Garland Wilson, George Chisholm, Oscar Aleman, Phillipe Brun, Tommy McQuater, Una Mae Carlisle.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-34TOMSam Lanin And His Orchestra - 1924-1925 - Volume Two.Sam Lanin And His Orchestra.A1: Stomp Off, Let's Go. A2: Jimtown Blues. A3: King Porter Stomp. A4: If You Hadn't Gone Away. A5: Flag That Train. A6: I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar. A7: Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue. A8: Spanish Shawl. B1:Nobody's Sweetheart Now. B2: Unfortunate Blues. B3: He's A Neew Kind Of Man. B4: Copenhagen. B5: Those Panama Mammas. B6: Flag That Train. B7: I'm Sitting On Top Of The World. B8: After I say I'm Sorry.Red Nichols, Miff Mole and others.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-3TOMFourteen Great Acoustical Perfomances From 1925-1927.The University Six.A1: Desdemona. A2: I Love My Baby. A3: Dustin' The Donkey. A4: Tiger Rag. A5: San. A6: Ace In The Hole. A7: Oh! If I Only Had You. B1: Wait'll You See My Brand-New Mama. B2: It Takes A Good Woman. B3: My Baby Knows How. B4: Lonely Eyes. B5: Sister Kate. B6: Beale Street Blues. B7: The Cat.-Saxophone: Adrian Rollini. -Trumpet: Sylvester Ahola. -Vibraphone: Adrian Rollini. -and uncredited artists.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-43TOMSwing From Harlem 1937.Cab Calloway, Millls Blues Rhythm Band, Barney Bigard, Don Redman, Edgar Hayes and Johnny Hodges.A1: Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm. A2: Manhattan Jam. A3: Go South, Young Man. A4: Peckin'. A5: Hi-de-ho Romeo. A6: Moon At Sea. A7: Savage Rhythm. A8: Queen Isabella. B1: Rhythm Jam. B2: Prelude To A Stomp. B3: Get It Southern Style. B4: If You're Ever In My Arms Again. B5: Sweet Sue. B6: Stormy Weather. B7: Manhattan Jam. B8: A Sailboat In The Moonlight.-Cab Calloway (A1-A8). -The Millls Blues Rhythm Band (B1, B2). -Barney Bigard (B3, B4). -Don Redman (B5, B6). -Edgar Hayes (B7). -Johnny Hodges (B8).USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-6TOMThe Charleston Chasers - 1929-1930.Phil Napoleon, Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers and Others, with vocals by Eva Taylor.A1 Ain't Misbehavin' A2 Moanin' Low A3 Red Hair And Freckles A4 Lovable And Sweet A5 What Would't I Do For Tha Man? A6 Turn On the Heat B1 Cinderella Brown B2 Sing, You Sinners B3 Here Comes Emily Brown B4 Wasn't It Nice? B5 Loving You The Way I Do B6 You're Lucky To MePhil Napoleon, Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers and Others, with vocals by Eva Taylor.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-14TOMThe Dorsey Brothers 1928 - Volume One.The Dorsey Brothers.A1: Mary Ann. A2: Persian Rug. A3: Coquette. A4: The Yale Blues. A5: Indian Cradle Song. A6: My Melancholy Baby. A7: That's My Mammy. A8: Dixie Dawn. B1: Evening Star. B2: Forgetting You. B3: Was It A Dream? [Part 2]. B4: 'Round Evening. B5: Out Of The Dawn. B6: Sally Of My Dreams. B7: She's Funny That Way. B8: Cross Roads.Featuring: Adrian Rollini, Carl Kress, Eddie Lang, Frank Teschemacher, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-11TOMThe College Jazz Bands.Purple Pirate Orchestra, Carl Webster's Yale Collegians, Fred Gardner's Texas University Troubadours, Barbary Coast Orchestra.A1: Papa’s Gone. A2: No Trumps. A3: Daniel’s Blues. A4: Loveless Love. A5: Wabash Blues. A6: San. A7: Canzone-Amorosa. A8: Weary Blues. B1: Puttin’ On The Ritz. B2: With You. B3: And Then Your Lips Met Mine. B4: Blue Again. B5: If I’m Without You. B6: Dream Child. B7: Tiger Rag. B8: China Boy.-Fred Gardner's Texas University Troubadours (A1-A4). -Barbary Coast Orchestra (A5-A8). -Carl Webster's Yale Collegians (B1-B6). -Purple Pirate Orchestra (B7-B8).USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-17TOMBen Selvin And His Orchestra – 1929-1930 Volume Two.Ben Selvin And His Orchestra.A1: The Free And Easy. A2: The Whole Darn Thing's For You. A3: I'm In The Market For You. A4: Dust. A5: Dixieana. A6: My Man From Caroline. A7: I Miss A Little Miss. A8: Cheerful Little Earful. B1: Do Ya Love Me?. B2: 'Taint No Sin. B3: Good For You - Bad For Me. B4: Thank Your Father. B5: Thank Your Father. B6: Let Me Sing And I'm Happy. B7: Looking At You. B8: Let Me Sing And I'm Happy.Jack teagarden, Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers, Adrian Rollini and orthers.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-42TOMSwingtime in Europe 1934-1938.Orchestras of Eddie South, Willie Lewis and Freddy Johnson & Lex Van Spall.A1: Honeysuckle Rose. A2: On The Sunny Side Of The Street. A3: Black Gypsy. A4: Fiddleditty. A5: I Want To Dance (1). A6: I Want To Dance (2). A7: Haarlem Hot Club Stomp (1). A8: Haarlem Hot Club Stomp (2). B1: You Took Advantage Of Me (1). B2: You Took Advantage Of Me (2). B3: Jungle Fever. B4: The Maid's Night Off. B5: Who's Sorry Now. B6: Swingin' At The Chez-Florence. B7: Coquette. B8: Memphis Blues. B9: In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town.A1-A4: Eddie South & His Quintet. A5-B3: Freddy Johnson & Lex Van Spall And Their Orchestra. B4-B9: Willie Lewis And His Orchestra.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-16TOMBen Selvin And His Orchestra– 1931 Volume One.Ben Selvin And His Orchestra.A1: My Sweet Tooth Says 'I Wanna. A2: Nobody Loves No Baby Like My Baby Loves Me!. A3: Do The New York. A4: This Is The Missus. A5: Little Mary Brown. A6: Little Mary Brown. A7: Bend Down, Sister. A8: Now's The Time To Fall In Love. B1: You Said It. B2: Learn To Croon. B3: Smile, Darn Ya, Smile. B4: The One-Man Band. B5: I'm Crazy About My Baby. B6: Crazy People. B7: Is I In Love? I Is. B8: Sing Another Chorus, Please.-Clarinet: Benny Goodman. -Clarinet, Alto Saxophone: Jimmy Dorsey. -Trombone: Tommy Dorsey. -Trumpet: Bunny Berigan. -Violin: Joe Venuti. Note from Discogs: possible line-up from June 18th recording session: Name of the band is Chester Leighton & His Sophomores. -Bunny Berigan, Ruby Weinstein: trumpets. -Tommy Dorsey: trombone. -Benny Goodman: clarinet/alto sax. -Lou Martin: alto sax. -Hymie Wolfson: tenor sax. -Ben Pobersky: violin. -Rube Bloom: piano. -Carl Kress: guitar. -Hank Stern: tuba. -Milt Schlesinger: drums/xylophone. -Milt Coleman: ukulele/vocal. -Ben Selvin: director.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-35TOMThe Louisiana Rhythm Kings And Red And His Big Ten – 1930-1931.The Louisiana Rhythm Kings And Red And His Big Ten.A1: Swanee. A2: Squeeze Me. A3: Oh, Lady Be Good. A4: Sweet Sue - Just You. A5: The Meanest Kind Of Blues. A6: I Have To Have You. A7: O'er The Billowy Sea. A8: Lazy Daddy. B1: Karavan (Sic). B2: Pretty Baby. B3: Tell Me. B4: There's Egypt In YOur Dreamy Eyes. B5: That's Where The South Begins. B6: I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed Baby. B7: At Last I'm Happy. B8: If You Haven't Got A Girl.Featuring Adrian Rollini, Babe Russin, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Glenn Miller, Red Nichols, The Dorsey Brothers. -The Louisiana Rhythm Kings (A1-B4). -Red And His Big Ten (B5-B8)USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-1TOMEmmet Miller Acc. By His Georgia Crackers.Emmet Miller Acc. By His Georgia Crackers.A1: God's River. A2: I Ain't Got Nobody. A3: Lovesick Blues. A4: Anytime. A5: St. Louis Blues. A6: Take Your Tomorrow. A7: Dusky Stevedor. B1: She's Funny That Way. B2: You're The Cream In My Coffee. B3: Lovin' Sam. B4: Big Bad Bill. B5: The Pickaninnie's Paradise. B6: The Blues Singer From Alabam. B7: That's The Good Old Sunny South.Eddie Lang, Emmett Miller, Gene Krupa, Jack Teagarden, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy DorseyUSA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-18TOMBert Lown And His Orchestra – 1929-1932.Bert Lown And His Orchestra.A1: Here Comes My Ball And Chain. A2: he Jazz Me Blues. A3: Under The Texas Moon. A4: The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me. A5: The One I Love Just Can't Be Bothered With Me. A6: Tomorrow's Violets. A7: Redskin. A8: Big City Blues. B1: Under The Moon It's You. B2: I'll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You. B3: Loving You The Way I Do. B4: Crying Myself To Sleep. B5: Blues In My Heart. B6: The More You Hurt Me. B7: Lonesome Lover. B8: Tired.Carl Kress, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Miff Mole and others.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-19TOMHot Jazz 1927-1929.Orchestras of Carl Fenton, Benny Meroff, George Belshaw, Herb Weidoeft, Herman Waldman and others.A1: What A Day. A2: Maybe - Who Knows?. A3: Out Bucket Shuffle. A4: Louisiana That's My Home. A5: My Gal Sal. A6: Sweet Liza. A7: You'll Recognize My Baby. A8: Marbles. B1: China Boy. B2: Somebody Loves Me. B3: Sad Moments. B4: The Talk Of The Town. B5: Cinderella Blues. B6: Shine. B7: Sea Legs. B8: Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie.-Carl Fenton And His Orchestra (A1, A2). -Harris Brothers' Texans (A3, A4). -Tom Gerunovich And His Roof Garden Orchestra (A5). -George Belshaw And His KFAB Orchestra (A6, A7). -Herman Waldman And His Orchestra (A8). -Henry Lange And His Baker Hotel Orchestra (B1, B2). -Herb Weidoeft And His Orchestra (B3). -Benny Meroff And His Orchestra (B4). -Jesse Stafford And His Orchestra (B5, B6). -Hale Byers And His Orchestra (B7, B8).USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-7TOMVenuti-Lang - 1929-1930 - Vol. One.Venuti-Lang groups.A1: That's The Good Old Sunny South. A2: Weary River. A3: I'm In Seventh Heaven. A4: Little Pal. A5: Chant Of The Jungle. A6: The Wonderful Something. B1: Apple Blossom. B2: Raggin' The Scale. B3: Put And Take. B4: Promises. B5: I'm Only Human After All. B6: Out Of Breath. B7: Sweet Sue, Just You.Venuti-Lang groups.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom3-61TOMThe rarest Fats Waller - Volume four.Fats Waller.A1: Hold man Hand. A2: Georgia Grind. A3: Georgia Grind. A4: Dancing Fool. A5: You're Some Pretty Doll. A6: Oh, Sister! Ain't That Hot?. A7: Oh, Sister! Ain't That Hot?. B1: Dark eyes. B2: I Got The Ritz From The One I Love. B3: The Joint is Jumping. B4: Do it Mr. So and So. B5: Night Wind - African Ripples - Because of Once Upon a Time. B6: Go Down Moses - Ain't Misbehavin'.A1: Fats Waller with others as announcer, 2 July, 1938. The second voice is James. P. Johnson. A2-A7: Eddie Condon and his Band: Marta Marsale (cnt), George Brunis (tbn), Pee Wee Russell (clt), Maurice (pno), Eddie Condon (gtr), Artie Shapiro (b), George Wettling (d) -- 24 March or 11 November 1940. B1: Fats Waller, others unknown -- December 1940. B2: Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra: Charlie Teagarden, Sterling Bose (tpts), Jack teagarden (tbn/vo), Pee Wee Russell (clt), Joe Catalyne, Max Farley (clts-tens), Adrian Rollini (bsx), Fats Waller (pno), Nappy Lamare (gtr), Stan King (d) -- 14 October 1931. B3: Fats Waller -- probablt late 43 on the Nick Kenny Show. B4: Fats Waller -- from a Piano Roll 1924. B5: Fats Waller -- 11 March 1925. B6: Fats Waller -- on the Hobby Lobby Program, 10 January 1942.USA, ~1970~
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-47TOMJean Goldkette And His Orchestra - 1924-1929.Jean Goldkette And His Orchestra.A1: I Want To See My Tennessee. A2: In The Evening. A3: Where The Lazy Daisies GRow. A4: After I Say I'm Sorry A5: Dinah. A6: Roses. A7: Lonesome And Sorry. B1: Here Comes The Showboat. B2: My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (-2). B3: My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now (-3). B4: Don't Be Like That. B5: She's Funny That Way. B6: Take A Look At Mine. B7: Ya Comin' Up Tonite.Jean Goldkette And His Orchestra.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-31TOMThe Guitar Of Oscar Aleman - 1938-1944.Oscar Aleman.A1: I Got Rhythm. A2: Swinging On A Star. A3: Russian Lullabye. A4: Doin' The New Lowdown. A5: Sweet Georgia Brown. A6: Nobody's Sweetheart. A7: Jeepers Creepers. A8: Diga Diga Do. B1: Limehouse Blues. B2: Sweet Sue. B3: Dear Old Southland. B4: Whispering. B5: Just A Little Swing. B6: Twelfth Street Rag. B7: Boogie Woogie. B8: Bugle Call Rag.Oscar Aleman.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-28TOMSam Lanin And His Orchestra - 1928-1930.Sam Lanin And His Orchestra.A1: My Pet. A2: Get Out And Get Under The Moon. A3: Do Something (#1. A4: Do Something (#2. A5: Big City Blues. A6: What A Day!. A7: I'm In Seventh Heaven. A8: A Year From Today. B1: Too Busy!. B2: Ten Little Miles From Town. B3: Do You?--That's All I Want To Know. B4: The One That I Love Loves Me. B5: Kickin' A Hole In The Sky . B6: The Free And Easy. B7: I Wonder How It Feels. B8: It's A Great Life.Starring Benny Goodman, The Dorsey Brothers, Art Schutt, Glenn Miller And Manny Klein.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom3-56TOMThe Guitar Of Oscar Aleman - Volume Two.Oscar Aleman.A1: Malaguena. A2: Cherokee. A3: Stardust. A4: Delicado. A5: Crazy Rhythm. A6: Limehouse Blues. B1: Begin The Beguine. B2: Bye Bye Blues. B3: You Made Me Love You. B4: Besame Mucho. B5: Scartunas. B6: Scartunas.Oscar Aleman.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-13TOMPhil Napoleon 1929-1931.Phil Napoleon, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Dick McDonough, The Dorsey Brothers.A1: You Can't Cheat A Cheater. A2: Gettin' Hot. A3: Mean To Me. A4: My Kinda Love. A5: Anything. A6: You Made Me Love You. A7: Gotta Feelin' For You. A8: Low-Down Rhythm. B1: St. Louis Gal. B2: My Honey's Lovin' Arms. B3: Jazz Me Blues. B4: Anything. B5: Harlem Madness. B6: Navy Blues. B7: Red-Hot Chicago. B8: Chinnin' And Chattin' With May.Starring Phil Napoleon and Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Dick McDonough, The Dorsey Brothers and many others. -Napoleon's Emperors (A1-A5). -Miff Mole's Molers (A6). -The Hot Air Men (A7, A8, B5-B8). -The Original Memphis Five (B1, B4).USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-33TOMThe Original Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra - 1927-1932 -Volume Two.The Original Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra.A1: Stay Out Of The South. A2: Is She My Girl Friend?. A3: Too Busy. A4: Blazin'. A5: Down Where The Sun Goes Down. A6: My Suppressed Desire. A7: Smilin' Skies. A8: Who Wouldn't Be Jealous Of You. B1: Bless Your Sister. B2: Kansas City Kitty. B3: And Especially You. B4: Got A Great Big Date. B5: Harlem Madness. B6: Lo And Behold. B7: I Know You're Lying But I Love You. B8: On Revival Day.The Original Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawk Orchestra.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom1-2TOMThe Greatest Jazz Bands.The Greatest Jazz Bands.A1: Rumba Negro. A2:Ride Red Ride. A3: Quality Shout. A4: The Terrorv A5: Boot To Boot. A6: My Pretty Girl. B1: Variety Stomp. B2: Shakin' The African. B3: Ozark Mountain Blues. B4: Swampfire. B5: Cotton Club Stomp. B6: Pippo Non La Sa.A1: Bennie Moten. A2:The Mills Blue Rhythm Band. A3: Paul Howard. A4: Cliff Jackson. A5: Jesse Stone. A6: Jean Goldkette. B1: Fletcher Henderson. B2: Don Redman. B3: The Missourians. B4: Clyde McCoy. B5: Duke Ellington. B6: Tullio Mobiglia.USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-50TOMRare Jazz Of The Twenties - Volume Two.Ted Lewis And His Band, Casa Loma Orchestra, Harry Pollock's Maurice Club Diamonds, Don Voorhees And His Orchestra, Slatz Randall And His Orchestra, Jesse Stafford, Ted Wallace, Leo Reisman, Charley Straight, Ray Miller, Benny Krueger, Fred Rich.A1: The New St. Louis Blues. A2: My Mama's In Town. A3: China Girl. A4: What Do I Care. A5: Dawning. A6: Bessie Couldn't Help It. A7: I Don't Want Your Kisses. A8: Hittin' The Bottle. B1: Alabama Stomp. B2: Sweet Southern Breeze. B3: That's Why I Love You. B4: That's What I Call Keen. B5: Doodle-Doo-Doo. B6: Pleasure Mad. B7: Singin' In The Rain (5-29). B8: Singin' In The Rain (6-29).-Ted Lewis And His Band (A1, A2). -Casa Loma Orchestra (A3). -Harry Pollock's Maurice Club Diamonds (A4). -Don Voorhees And His Orchestra (A5). -Slatz Randall And His Orchestra (A6). -Jesse Stafford (A7). -Ted Wallace (A8). -Leo Reisman (B1). -Charley Straight (B2-B4). -Ray Miller (B5). -Benny Krueger (B6). -Fred Rich (B7, B8).USA, ~1970~.
cmj-33t-30cm-tom2-49TOMVictorious Jazz Volume One.Phil Napoleon, Fess Williams, Bernie Cummings And His Orchestra, Charles Dornberger And His Orchestra, Al Katz And His Kittens, New Orleans Rhythm Kings, Jack Crawford And His Orchestra, Art Landry, Nat Shilkret.A1: Go Joe Go. A2: Clarinet Marmalade. A3: Hot Town. A4: Livin' In The Sunlight. A5: Tiger Rag. A6: Ace In The Hole. A7: She's Cryin For Me. B1: Swanee Shore. B2: Who's That Pretty Baby. B3: Camel Walk. B4: Everybody Stomp. B5: Slippery Elm. B6: When Sweet Susie Goes Steppin' By. B7: Dusky Stevedore.-Phil Napoleon (A1, A2). -Fess Williams (A3). -Bernie Cummings And His Orchestra (A4). -Charles Dornberger And His Orchestra (A5). -Al Katz And His Kittens (A6). -New Orleans Rhythm Kings (A7). -Jack Crawford And His Orchestra (B1, B2). -Art Landry (B3-B5). -Nat Shilkret (B6, B7).USA, ~1970~.